CEN February 20, 2019

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February 20, 2019

Atlanta zoning updates could pave way for more 'missing middle' housing

"If Atlanta leaders hope to keep up with the impending population boom—the city’s headcount is expected to double over the next 20 years—plenty of changes will be needed.

A good place to start when gearing up for inevitable densification, of course, is the city’s zoning code.

As a means of being proactive, Atlanta officials recently adopted a number of zoning updates that could prepare the city proper to swell from 500,000 people to roughly 1 million in the next two decades.

One of the major changes could pave the way for more “middle housing” to be built, according to Congress for the New Urbanism.

Middle housing, which has been called Atlanta’s 'missing middle,' is defined as 'the middle ground between single-family houses and multistory apartments,' according to Beltline visionary Ryan Gravel, who has lamented the lack of such options." - Curbed


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