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Igniting Hope. Restoring Lives. | Read online .
CITYTEAM - eNews May 2021 Issue - Igniting Hope. Restoring Lives.
Dear Friend,
You’ve probably wondered . . . can the meal you provide with your gift today really transform someone’s life? It did for Levi, whose story you’ll read about in this email. As you read, just imagine the possibilities for other people in desperate need right now. Keep in mind how your partnership will provide so much more than just a nutritious meal. For a man, woman, or family in need, you might just open the door to a whole new life. That’s why I urge you to give now to help someone like Levi.
At CityTeam, your generous support can help provide life transformation, educational opportunities, and vocational training that leads to a living-wage job. You’ll give a neighbor the tools to get back on their feet, find stability, and know real hope — maybe for the first time.
With gratitude,
Angela Aguilar
Executive Director, CityTeam Oakland
CityTeam Oakland Renovations - Watch on Youtube
For more than 23 years, CityTeam has been serving the community at 722 Washington St. And we want to do even more for our neighbors in need. As more people descend into the cycle of homelessness, we’re enhancing our building to meet the increased need.
These updates will include an extensive renovation to our kitchen and the electrical, heating, and plumbing system. We’re also making more room for the men who are rebuilding their lives in our residential program. You can play a pivotal role in this project with your gift today. We’re $300,000 away from reaching our goal, and you can make this God-given opportunity a reality.
For more info on this exciting project, and to give by May 31, visit our website.
“CityTeam is not like any other program I've seen or heard of.”
“Over the years, I had seen CityTeam’s building more times than I can remember,” says Levi. “But I never even knew what it was.”
Since coming to CityTeam, Levi has experienced a miraculous transformation. “The most radical change is my thought process,” Levi says. “I’m changing what I do daily, doing the right thing over and over, and setting a routine. I have chosen to make those changes, not blame God for everything, and trust Him to take control.”
Growing up, Levi witnessed his parents’ abusive relationship. At just 9 years old, he went into foster care, then spent years struggling on the streets. At one of his lowest points, a caseworker told him about CityTeam and within a few days, he was rebuilding his life.
“CityTeam gave me a chance to find God on my own, learn how to pray, trust people, and feel their love and support,” he says. Today, Levi is one of our interns. As a recent program graduate, he is continuing his healing process and helping other men stay on track. “This has helped me become somebody I thought I could never be.”
Every $2 You Give Will Provide a Meal and Care!
No matter how we meet someone, they soon learn we’re here to share God’s love through food, shelter, and restorative care. Hope happens because of you. Your partnership is vital to reaching a neighbor — and a neighborhood — in need!
Become a Monthly Hope Partner!
Become a Monthly Hope Partner!
When you give monthly, you:
Serve people in our community who are experiencing poverty, homelessness, hunger, and addiction
Enjoy the convenience of automatic monthly giving without the hassle of reminders
Reach even more people in need
Visit our website today to become a monthly Hope Partner.
LOVE YOUR Neighborhood DAY
Everything You Need to Know About
Q: What is Love Your Neighborhood Day?
A: Love Your Neighborhood Day is a chance to put your love into action by investing your time, talent, and treasure directly into your neighborhood. It’s a day of celebration and sharing when you, churches, local businesses, and CityTeam staff come together to deliver community-strengthening services to the low-income neighborhoods where people in need live and work.
Q: What kinds of activities are you planning?
A: Together, we’re going to take prayer walks in our hard-hit neighborhoods, deliver groceries, provide food using our mobile food pantries, and much more. It’s sure to be a day of faith, hope, and love.
Q: How can I get involved?
A: To find out more about opportunities for you — or your family, church, or employer — take a moment to visit CityTeam.org/love.
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