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Friday saw the release of a sample from Professional Email Design. In this section, from the chapter on type in email design, I take an in-depth look at the style properties which are at the foundation of typography in email. 

The second part of the chapter goes into using web fonts in email campaigns. Want to read it? You'll have to grab the book when it's released on January 15th.

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Things of Interest
Details on Pricing and Updates
By Me

I recently posted information on how much the next book will cost, along with my thoughts on why I'm going digital-only. In a nutshell: free updates for all of you. Check it out ≫

Campaign Monitor + Books Giveaway
By the fine folks at Campaign Monitor

Just a reminder that, as newsletter subscribers, you're entered to win credits and swag from Campaign Monitor, along with free copies of both my books. Check it out ≫

By Corbett Barr

As Thursday inches ever closer, I'm reminded of this excellent post from Corbett Barr on why deadlines are one of the most powerful tools for getting shit done. Check it out ≫

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