Special Message from the Chairman of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe No Images? Click here

Cedric Cromwell, Chairman ~ Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Nation


Wunee keesuq Tribal family,

We have learned of exciting news regarding our legislation "Mashpee Reservation Reaffirmation Act"/HR312 and I want to share this brief but uplifting update.

Chairman Grijalva is moving our bill quickly through the House Committee of Natural Resources as it should be taken up next week!

We will then focus our efforts on the Senate. I commit to our Tribal Citizens that we will work tirelessly to see our bill come to fruition.

We applaud the bi-partisan effort in this new Congress to protect our reservation lands by moving our bill expeditiously through Committee. The honorable Congressman Keating has led this endeavor and told our story throughout the halls of Congress. Along with Committee Chairman Grijalva and the honorable Committee members, we are also thankful to the Massachusetts Delegation and all those supportive of our bill on both sides of the aisle and throughout Indian Country.

For perspective, keep in mind that once our bill is passed, our Reservation and Ancestral Homelands are FOREVER protected....our lands will never be under threat again.

Please, let's continue the Prayers and rise above everything to focus our energy to protect what is most sacred to us....the land.