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Welcome to the October 2019 newsletter! International Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day was on Friday, 18th October this year. To celebrate, this month we have a special edition of the newsletter for you focused on interventions for paediatric language disorders, including Developmental Language Disorder. The papers in this edition cover interventions for preschoolers, school aged children, and adolescents.

If you’re on social media, you can follow the RADLD campaign on Facebook or on Twitter – use the hashtags #DevLangDis and #DLDYouandMe. Next year’s International Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day will be held on Friday, 16th October 2020.

Below is a list of some of the more recent SLP intervention research in the area of paediatric language disorders.

Latest publications


Kruythoff-Broekman A, Wiefferink C, et al (2019) Parent-implemented early language intervention programme for late talkers: parental communicative behaviour change and child language outcomes at 3 and 4 years of age

Lavelli M, Barachetti C, et al (2019)  Impacts of a shared book-reading intervention for Italian-speaking children with developmental language disorder

McDonald D, Colmer S, et al (2019) Parent-implemented language intervention delivered by therapy assistants for two-year-olds at risk of language difficulties: A case series

Nicholas K, Alt M, et al (2019) Variability of input in preposition learning by preschoolers with developmental language disorder and typically-developing language

Plante E, Mettler HM, et al (2019) Maximizing Treatment Efficiency in Developmental Language Disorder: Positive Effects in Half the Time

Roberts MY, Curtis PR, et al (2019) Association of Parent Training With Child Language Development: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Roden I, Früchtenicht K, et al (2019) Auditory Stimulation Training With Technically Manipulated Musical Material in Preschool Children With Specific Language Impairments: An Explorative Study OPEN ACCESS

Weil LW, Schuele CM, (2019) Complex Syntax Interventions for Young Children with Language Impairments

School aged children

Curran M, Van Horne AO, (2019) Use of Recast Intervention to Teach Causal Adverbials to Young Children With Developmental Language Disorder Within a Science Curriculum: A Single Case Design Study

Dawes E, Leitão S, et al (2019) A randomized controlled trial of an oral inferential comprehension intervention for young children with developmental language disorder

Glisson L, Leitão S, et al (2019)  Evaluating the efficacy of a small-group oral narrative intervention programme for pre-primary children with narrative difficulties in a mainstream school setting

Storkel HL, Komesidou R, et al (2019)  Swinburne Romine R, The Impact of Dose and Dose Frequency on Word Learning by Kindergarten Children With Developmental Language Disorder During Interactive Book Reading OPEN ACCESS


Joffe VL, Rixon L, et al (2019) Improving storytelling and vocabulary in secondary school students with language disorder: a randomized controlled trial OPEN ACCESS


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