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Revisiting Email Resets
Everyone’s familiar with the usual CSS resets for the web. Whether it’s Eric Meyer’s, Normalize, HTML5 Doctor’s, or something home-brew, you can easily account for quirks and rendering differences between web browsers.
What many don’t know is that similar resets are available for email designers. Resets are great to take care of the most common email client bugs. But, is it time to take a closer look at the typical reset?
In this latest post, I take a look at my default reset and wonder: how can we make this better?
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Things of Interest
By Ben Mildren
A fantastic collection of the best resources for web designers. Everything from blogs and tools to tutorials on pretty much any topic is represented. Check it out ≫
Tips for Authoring Fast-Loading HTML Pages
By Mozilla Developer Network
Admittedly, I don’t do most of this stuff, but these are some stellar tips on improving load time. Read it ≫
Make It Then Tell Everybody
By Dan Berry
I’m obsessed with this podcast. Cartoonist Dan Berry chats with some of the best in comics about the process, inspiration, and business of creating comics. Amazing tidbits for anyone that makes things for a living. Listen now ≫
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