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A few words from Tim...

In response to the extraordinary times that hit us all early this year, we made the decision early on (in true Plunkett style!) to find a solution to the bizarre situation we found ourselves in.  

3D Print machine

We proved how reactive we could be straight away by manufacturing tooling in record time to be able to service the urgent requirements for PPE within the Healthcare sector. We were proud to have the capability and skillset to be able to help a client at such a critical time and to date have moulded over 200,000 Face Shield component parts for them. 

We continue to support enquiries for new products, particularly relating to current return to work requirements. As always, being able to adapt to individual design, development and manufacturing programmes remains our priority.

As a result, we are actively developing our UK manufacturing team to further increase our ability to provide flexible, fast track solutions for prototyping and production requirements.

Therefore, I am delighted to be able to introduce our two new highly skilled and experienced toolmakers who have recently joined our sister company, Adept Precision. Please take the time to read their story below - it's an interesting one!

Looking to the future we remain positive and commited, and are certainly planning, expanding, and dare I say it, even looking at new machines?! We'll keep you updated, but for now, a clue's in the picture!

Remaining as ever at your service,

Plunkett Associates

Plunkett Toolmakers - keeping it in the family!

If ever there was a turbulent time for starting a new job this is it! But how about moving countries too? It’s certainly not been the easiest of times for our newest toolmakers, but they’ve risen to the challenge and are loving every minute of it!

Both Andy and Dylan have relocated from South Africa and are related, and yes have worked together before, and survived to tell the tale!

Having been in the industry for over 30 years, Andy openly confesses to loving the unusual, the more complicated designs and the challenges that comes with that! As a proficient Solidworks user, he is used to being involved in the design process and finding solutions to ‘problem’ tools.

Having come from much larger toolrooms in South Africa, Dylan admits to loving the variety that we get here – and the fact that the tools are somewhat smaller and lighter! He is a dedicated problem solver, thrives on having to think on his feet and is like a dog with a bone until it is fixed!

Aluminium tool

Is Aluminium Tooling a Friend or a Foe?

There are many applications that require production material parts, early in the development cycle. This could be for mechanical properties, chemical resistance, temperature capability to name but a few.

The issue then becomes one of how to ‘control’ the lead time associated with the mould tooling and try to short cut both the time and cost associated with conventional production tooling.

At Plunkett Associates we try to understand exactly what the driver behind the requirement is, so that we can tailor the solution rather than apply a one size fits all strategy.

Aluminium can offer significant advantages in this environment when specified correctly but is far from a panacea and recognising its drawbacks is very important...


If you have a project in mind, or would like more information, contact us and we will be pleased to help.

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