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A few words from Tim...

As we roll on at an alarming speed towards a General Election, I thought we would share some good news and fill you in on the exciting changes that are going on here at Plunkett HQ. You'll need to scroll down for full details and the clue is, yes it may have something to do with my shopping spree!

Tim Plunkett

Our hot topic this month is the ongoing SLA versus SLS debate. We take an up to date look at the options and their suitablilty for differing requirements and hopefully provide some answers to your questions.  

There are also a couple of features this month on myself and Julian as the 'oldies' of the team! I took the spotlight a few weeks ago in Plastikcity's HotSeat and discussed all things plastic, and Julian has been grilled by our marketing team and asked the question, what actually does he do?!

Please take some time to read them if you can and let us know your thoughts. It's always nice to have feedback, good or bad!

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SLA ClearVue

When is Stereolithography the better option?

Many years ago, Stereolithography was the rapid prototyping solution, accurate, fast, relatively stable unless you can remember the acrylic based resins, and easy to paint. It was the dream master pattern for the vacuum casting process and could even be used as an investment casting pattern.

Come up to date and whereas the request was “please quote SLA” the most common request we hear today is “please quote SLS”, so what happened and are people missing out?


33% increase in floor space & 66% increase in machining capacity!

Demand for UK fast track production is increasing almost daily and so in an effort to support our clients and to ensure we hit deadline requirements, we have done what we always do and find a solution to make it work!

Julian Wooster

Julian Wooster - our best kept secret

When I asked Julian, “how would you best describe what you do within Plunkett Associates?” he replied, “my official title is “Design Solutions Engineer” but even I’m not sure what that means!”

Let me elaborate, Julian is our CAD expert and a certified Solidworks Professional – but he is so much more than that… he is quite simply our go to for anything design related and our one-man CAD department!

Tim Plunkett

Tim Plunkett is in the HotSeat!

Interviewed by Plastikcity for their HotSeat Feature, Tim gives his thoughts and views on the UK Plastics Industry, both now and for the future.

As a long standing force in the industry, Tim's comments are insightful, thoughtful, honest and along with a hint of his usual humour, makes it definitely worth a read.


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