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June 2015 edition
Google Vs Apple
Everything you need to know about the Future of Google and Apple
It’s been a big month of announcements for the two tech giants.
Catch up on five hours of keynotes in two 10 minute videos and see how the latest technology will change the way you work.
Watch Google conference   Watch Apple conference
Dr Peter Chadha PhD
Hello and welcome to our June newsletter
This month we reveal what Google and Apple have planned for the next year, explore why voice search and Artificial Intelligence are no longer gimmicks, help you master your next meeting, and reveal what to do if your business is the victim of cybercrime. Until next month...

Oh, and I’ll be one of the expert panellists on The Guardian’s How To Get The Edge On IT live Q&A today (23rd June) from 1-2pm. Tune in here 

Why voice search is no longer just a gimmick
In the month when Apple’s Siri became ‘proactive’, Google Now grew cleverer and Microsoft’s Cortana spread its wings to Android and IOS, Peter Chadha champions modern voice recognition. In his TechRadar Pro column Peter examines the recent shift from gimmick to serious business tool. Read more

Voice search is no longer a gimmick
Five free apps for mastering your next meeting
Despite relentless technological advancements, we still haven’t been able to kill off meetings. They’re resilient, like fax machines or Simon Cowell. Fast Company recommends five apps to make your next meeting less meeting-like with no-hassle scheduling, inside info on attendees, easy peasy conference calls and more. Read more

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What to do if your SME is the victim of cybercrime
While large enterprises generally have the IT equivalent of a ‘fire drill’ at the ready, an SME might think they are unlikely to be a target and that they are fully protected by anti-virus software. The Guardian explains what SMEs can do if the worst happens and how they can pull their heads out of the sand. Read more
Be afraid: AI is here… unless you're a gardener
Channels 4’s ‘Humans’ premiered last week and after the first episode, not one viewer would ever let an Artificial Intelligence robot anywhere near their home. But what about the workplace? Will any of our jobs be safe as AI matures? Read more
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Dr Pete’s App Of The Month
Wifi Mapper lets you find free wifi anywhere in the world thanks to the world’s largest wi-fi database. An essential tool for the business traveller. Download for iOS and be alerted when it’s released for Android and Windows/Mac. And it’s free today.
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Microsoft finally gets that it won’t win the smartphone war
Here’s why face-to-face meetings are so important
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