Project updates from India

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With the recent visit by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, Delhi has once again made headlines for the wrong reasons – this time, the traffic snarls prompted by the monsoon rains and consequent flooding of roads. 

What Delhi and other urban cities need –  A Drainage Master Plan based on advanced knowledge in scientific principles and state-of-the-art technology!


Supporting new hydropower plant construction in Bhutan with Reservoir Sedimentation Study

With the study, the different key levels of hydropower plant like fixing crest level and intake level can be finalised to ensure optimal operation of the hydropower plant.


Modelling shoreline changes for proposed fishing harbour

We have prepared a Techno-Economic Feasibility Report for the Department of Fisheries of Tamil Nadu for the renovation and modernisation of an existing fishing harbour. By assessing the practicality of the construction, the report weighs financial costs as well as other factors to the potential benefits reaped from the new development.


MIKE 21 FLOW MODEL HD FM Training course
21 Nov - 23 Nov 2016

This three-day hands-on course, will teach you the important fundamentals of 2D hydrodynamic modelling (HD). You will receive an introduction to setting up a hydrodynamic model with MIKE 21 Flow Model HD FM model using flexible mesh bathymetry.

24 Nov - 25 Nov 2016

LITTORAL PROCESSES FM is a new numerical model capable of simulating littoral drift and coastline evolution. The model enables areas with non-cohesive sediment and quasi-uniform beaches where flow and transport is in the longshore direction to be simulated.