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2020 NWT Angler-of-the-Year: Korey Sprengel

Korey Sprengel

During my interview with Korey, he talks about a champions mind-set, what he does mentally to have become the most consistent walleye pro over the last 8 years, how he has overcome competitors watching his every move during pre-fishing the events, and keeping decision making fresh on tournament days. We talk tournament preparation, learning new water, expectations and life as a fishing pro.

Check out my interview with Korey here!


2020 NWT Tournament of Champions Champion: Jason Przekurat

Jason Przekurat

Jason is the first angler in history to become a 2X NWT Championship Champion and he did so by dissecting an ever-changing Lake Erie and the first-ever complete flip-flop of the top 10 after day 1. He’s 2nd in all-time earnings on the tour. Jason talks to us about understanding fisheries, tactics, having confidence and mental toughness to compete on a national tour.

Check out my interview with Jason here!


NWT Championship Preview w/ Ryan Buddie, Korey Sprengel and John Balla

This is a must listen if you followed the event and/or listened to EP19-Jason Przekurat or EP20-Korye Sprengel.  Understanding how pro-anglers prepare for an event is key to understanding how they summarize the fishery post tournament.   Join this round table discussion with Lake Erie expert and Starcraft Pro Ryan Buddie, Berkley Pro Korey Sprengel & professional walleye angler John Balla.

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Joe Carter Talks Racism in Sport Fishing

Joe Carter

In what maybe the most important podcast of the year Joe Carter talks about being a black man pursuing his passion for fishing.  This from-the-heart conversation Joe shares his experiences jumping into the local club fishing scene, launching a career as a pro walleye angler and life experiences such as moving his family into a small town.  Joe shares his feelings and perceptions of everyday life situations that can only be appreciated thru a black mans eyes.

Listen now to this eye opening interview with Joe Carter!


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EP21 John Balla w/ NWT Season Summary and Stats. One of the most overlooked reasons for success and failure on the tournament trail is strategy or lack thereof.  And in walleye tournaments statistical strategy is utilized by the best touring anglers and ignored by others.  John Balla is an accomplished tournament angler and statistician who breaks down each event and find the nuggets that separate the best anglers from the pack.  Dive into the data with JB and your tournament fishing actions and observations will change forever.

EP22 Dick Beardsley - Staying the Course Join me for a compelling conversation with a world-class athlete and marathon champion who’s life course tracks thru farm accidents, drug addiction, and the suicide of his son – the subject of books and movies.  Don't miss this inspiring story of how Dick motivates himself thru adversity. Click here for a movie trailer that offers insight into the Dick Beardsley story


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As the holiday season kicks off, let us remember that no matter how turbulent and difficult our lives may feel, we can always find something to be thankful for.


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