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Agency Vs. Client-Side Planning

Stuart Parkin

Companies that no longer work with outside marketing agencies continue to rise, reaching 27%, up from 13% a few years ago.

Do agencies really fail to provide sufficient value? Look closer and significant trends are at play. Certainly, some of the larger agencies are too slow and seemingly entrenched with traditional media. Clients that want to be faster moving can sometimes find speed by keeping/bringing things in-house.

More telling, the type of work being conducted client-side is changing, with a preference for strategy being pulled back in-house. Clients certainly seem to be hiring more strategic problem solvers from the consulting side of the business. There appears to be a recognition, in large part because of the importance of data, that the strategic conversation is something they really should stop outsourcing and better still, actively develop in-house. This in turn requires a re-tooling of talent.

From your perspective, agency or client, big brand picture or activation focus, how do you see things playing out? Hoping some of the attached reading clarifies things for you.



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