Some Advice for Email Folks

I've been asked a number of times for advice for people just getting started in the email industry.

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Sure, there are coding tricks I could mention. But, the best piece of advice I can offer is always about getting to know the industry by the work it produces. 

Here's how

Overcome (Some) Barriers in Work with This Magic Phrase

A followup to last week's post on intent, this tip from my colleague and friend Josh Thompson is a great way to put the 'lead with intent' theory into practice. 

Unless I hear otherwise

The Future of the Web

I love this article from Matt Griffin. Setting aside the extensible web vs. progressive enhancement debate, the bits about the importance of making and learning from mistakes is pure gold. It's not always pretty or fun, but it's the only way forward in most cases.

Making it up as we go along

A Top Audio Engineer Explains NPR's Signature Sound

I'm a diehard audio nerd, so this interview is right up my alley. NPR's Shawn Fox dissects the mics, rooms, and tricks behind the crisp, clear sound we all know and love.

If only I could afford a Neumann U87... 

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