#16 - Far Frontiers

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Science in the City Festival 2016

A word from...

Vicky Rosin, Programme Director

With ESOF drawing close (just 45 days to go) preparations are well under way to ensure that everyone coming to Manchester will not only be able to attend a world-class conference, but also enjoy their stay in Manchester through the Science in the City festival, our partners and the great attractions that Manchester has for visitors.

We are grateful to our sponsors for making this year's conference possible and so we would like to thank our principal sponsors BT, Johnson & Johnson, Manchester Airport, Manchester Science Partnerships, Siemens and the Wellcome Trust; our principal supporters Addleshaw Goddards and KPMG; executive sponsors Nature, Unilever and Waters and supporting partners COST, Elsevier, La Caixa Banking Foundation and NCP for all the help and support they have given to ESOF to date - and without whom the forum would not be possible.


To the ends of the Earth - cracking the mysteries of physics  

From deep underground to beneath the ice, to remote deserts and into orbit, our exploration of the things around us allows us to tackle fundamental questions about our understanding of the Universe. How were the first stars and galaxies formed? Are earth-like planets abundant in our universe? Are we alone?

With speakers including Mark Clampin from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre and Philip Diamond from the Square Kilometer Array Organisation, this session will discuss how the next generation of large-scale science facilities are taking us to the ends of the Earth (and beyond) in search of the quietest and best possible conditions to push our knowledge of physics further.

Read more about the session here. 

Gravitational Waves

A new ear on the Universe: gravitational waves                           

Gravitational waves are 'ripples' in the fabric of space-time caused by some of the most violent and energetic processes in the Universe – but they are not electromagnetic radiation. Gravitational waves therefore can provide a view of the Universe that is completely new and outside the abilities of conventional EM fields of study such as astronomy. 

Fulvio Ricci of VIRGO Collaboration will discuss with Sheila Rowan, Institute for Gravitational Research - University of Glasgow, what we expect to learn from gravitational waves about cosmic objects and events and what this might mean for our understanding of the origins, and future, of the Universe.                        

Read more about this session here.

Science in the City Festival

Manchester to come alive with Science in the City Festival

As part of Manchester’s year as the UK’s first European City of Science, a free week-long festival, Science in the City, will celebrate the wonders of science from 22-29 July. Timed perfectly to kick-start the summer break, there’s plenty to occupy children and adults alike.

More than 40 pop-up public events will bring science to life across Manchester city centre. To run alongside ESOF, the Science in the City festival is designed to engage and inspire everyone from the next generation of scientists to anyone of any age with an interest in the world we live in.

You can find out more on the festival by visiting the European City of Science website.

Researcher working in a lab

Horizon 2020 Excellent Science Pillar

Horizon 2020 Excellent Science Pillar offers an excellent opportunity for UK and EU research institutions and universities to gain funding to reinforce and extend scientific expertise and research.

Calls are currently open, including:

Participants to ESOF will have the exclusive opportunity to meet with potential partners at ESOF. You can register here.

McLaren MP4/1

McLaren to bring F1 car to ESOF

We are excited to announce that McLaren will be bringing Nikki Lauder's 1982 MP4/1 McLaren to ESOF.

After returning from his second retirement from racing, Lauder joined McLaren to race in the MP4/1. With Lauder behind the wheel the car accumulated 4 Grand Prix wins and 30 World Championship points and was a game-changer in the way that F1 cars were built, being the first Formula 1 car to be made entirely of a carbon composite. This early adoption of the material turned heads in the engineering world but ultimately paved the way for most modern racing car designs.

Come and see the MP4/1 at the ESOF exhibition.

Flight paths around the world

African Research Grant Recipients

Thanks to the generous support of the Robert Bosch Foundation, we were able to open a call for travel grants to support African researchers and research administrators with their travel, registration and accommodation costs to attend the ESOF this summer.

With over 300 applications and just 45 grants to award, the international jury faced a tough selection. After careful deliberation, the jury is pleased to announce that all grants have been awarded and 45 researchers and research administrators will be coming to Manchester in July.

You can see all recipients of the travel grant on the EuroScience website.

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