Newsletter - April 2021

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Welcome to the April speechBITE newsletter.

We’re making some changes to the newsletter! In the past, speechBITE newsletters have been one of two formats — either an issue featuring the newest treatment papers we've added to the database, or a special edition covering a particular topic of interest. In future, all newsletters will be general, covering the latest intervention research, rather than featuring special interest topics. We hope this change will mean you find something of interest in every edition of the newsletter.

The papers included in this newsletter cover interventions for paediatric language and literacy, adult language, speech, fluency, paediatric feeding, dysphagia, AAC, and voice.

Latest publications

Paediatric language and literacy

Hampton LH, Kaiser AP, et al (2021) Generalized Effects of Naturalistic Social Communication Intervention for Minimally Verbal Children with Autism

Hao Y, Franco JH, et al (2021) A Pilot Study Comparing Tele-therapy and In-Person Therapy: Perspectives from Parent-Mediated Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Mize M, Park Y (2021) iPad-assisted reading fluency instruction for fourth graders with reading difficulties: A single case experimental design

Strong JZ (2020) Investigating a Text Structure Intervention for Reading and Writing in Grades 4 and 5

Yoder PJ, Stone WL, et al (2021) Parent utilization of ImPACT intervention strategies is a mediator of proximal then distal social communication outcomes in younger siblings of children with ASD

Adult language

Freire AMN, Gagliardi RJ, et al (2020) Effect of speech therapy intervention program for non-fluent aphasic patients after stroke OPEN ACCESS


McKechnie J, Ahmed B, et al (2020) The influence of type of feedback during tablet-based delivery of intensive treatment for childhood apraxia of speech

Sales PHH, Costa FWG, et al (2021) Effect of maxillary advancement on speech and velopharyngeal function of patients with cleft palate: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


Brignell A, Krahe M, et al (2021) Interventions for children and adolescence who stutter: A systematic review, meta-analysis, and evidence map

Euler HA, Merkel A, et al (2021) Speech restructuring group treatment for 6-to-9-year-old children who stutter: A therapeutic trial OPEN ACCESS

Paediatric feeding

Ibanez VF, Peters KP, et al (2021) Further evaluation of modified-bolus-placement methods during initial treatment of pediatric feeding disorders OPEN ACCESS

Rubio EK, McMahon MXH, et al (2021) A systematic review of physical guidance procedures as an open-mouth prompt to increase acceptance for children with pediatric feeding disorders OPEN ACCESS


Malandraki GA, Arkenberg RH, et al (2021) Telehealth for Dysphagia Across the Life Span: Using Contemporary Evidence and Expertise to Guide Clinical Practice During and After COVID-19 OPEN ACCESS

Riboldazzi G, Spinazza G, et al (2020) Effectiveness of expiratory flow acceleration in patients with Parkinson's disease and swallowing deficiency: A preliminary study


Wu Y, Chen M, et al (2020) Effects of Peer-Mediated Instruction with AAC on Science Learning and Communitive Responses of Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities in Taiwan


Longobardi Y, Galli J, et al (2021) Patients With Voice Prosthesis Rehabilitation During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Remote Triage and Management OPEN ACCESS

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