Gasket Engineering Quick Cuts - December 2016

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December 2016
7 Layer Bean Dip

Crafting Intricate Parts: How Rotary Cutting is Like Seven Layer Dip

Although the finished product will not be edible, rotary cutting can stack a variety of “ingredients” and make them as palatable to a manufacturer as the best multi-layer dip is to a party guest.

Typically used for high-speed, high volume projects that require anywhere from two to seven substrates to be joined to form a part, Gasket Engineering’s advanced rotary cutting capabilities have the ability to process multiple substrates in one harmonious pass. This type of process makes a nice, clean homogenous part out of multiple materials.

But it's much more complicated and intricate than just laminating seven layers together. Sequencing is just as important. You need to sequence properly in order to remove and introduce liners, use different adhesives on different sides of the materials and stack different materials on top of each other.

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Congratulations: You’ve Designed The Perfect Un-Manufacturable Part. Now what?

A good production engineer should be able to design any part, but a great engineer needs to make sure they don’t forget to consider all the production process consequences of their otherwise perfectly-designed part.

A lot of times an engineer designs a part for a specific application but they don’t always take into account the assembly method or the production method. Yes, the part might work in the final application but that part might cost precious time and money if the part is cumbersome or hard to handle in assembly. He or she needs to make sure they don't forget to consider the production process consequences of an otherwise perfectly designed part.

Find out what you need to consider …

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Profitable Part Production: There’s Always More Than One Way to Produce A Part

A Heavy Duty Vehicle manufacturer recently came to the experts at Gasket Engineering recently with an interesting challenge They were looking for the most profitable part production for their new part. Gasket Engineering helps clients consider multiple processes to find the most economical process possible.

Albert Diederiks, Inside Sales Account Manager explains, “It's our responsibility to give our clients options so that they can choose the best way to go forward.”

Find out what we did to help …
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