A bit of writing and some of the more interesting things I found online this week...

So, there was a conference this past week...

... and a whole bunch of cool stuff happened at it. On top of amazing talks on interactivity, hyper-personalization, design leadership, and even the history of the humble CTA, Litmus and Microsoft announced an historic partnership.

Litmus and Microsoft

There are a ton of articles on what that partnership means, and I'll address some of those soon, but for my latest post I wanted to take a more personal look at what The Email Design Conference means to me. 

It's all about the community

Accessibility in Email: Part II

A really good overview of the technical implementation of accessibility in HTML email from Mark Robbins. That role="presentation" tip is ace. 

Start updating your templates

Writing Less Damn Code

Totally thinking about another website update soon, because that's what I do in my free time. And because I love some of these tips, especially that margin idea. 

It's all gravy

Kill Your To Do List

The strongest argument I've seen yet for dropping to do lists in favor of calendars. Makes sense to see what the busiest person in the world uses and adapt it. 

Manage your time

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