What a week!
In case you didn’t know, this past week was The Email Design Conference, or TEDC14. I’m sure I can speak for everyone at Litmus when I say that we’re exhausted, but completely thrilled with how things went.
Spending a week in Boston, talking shop with 500 other email fanatics, means that I didn’t have much time to write for my own blog. So today’s newsletter features one of my most popular posts on the state of the email community along with a few choice links about TEDC14.
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On the Cusp of Craftsmanship
Wherein I argue that email design is right on the edge of something big. Based on my experiences at TEDC14, I’d say we are, as a community, now experiencing the tipping point as our weird little corner of web design moves from the arcane to an art form.
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Other Awesome Stuff
The Email Design Conference 2014
I finally got a chance to meet Ted Goas in person, and watch as he and Alex Ilhan pulled off a makeshift email hackathon at the conference. See what Ted had to say about his experience at TEDC14.
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39 Tweetable Tips from TEDC14
A great roundup of some of the best takeaways from the conference. Brought to you by the fine folks over at Action Rocket.
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Tools for Email Development
Attendee Veronica started up a great discussion in the Litmus Community with tools mentioned at the conference. Even if you weren’t there, share your favorites!
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