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A Blast from the Past

After receiving a few too many terrible email campaigns this past week, I thought this might be a good time to dig up one of my favorite posts from my archives. In Blastphemy, I talk about the importance of words, the dangers of the 'batch-and-blast' mentality, and why everyone should reconsider the typical approach to email. 

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Things of Interest
Phantom Burnout
By Alex Sharp

Tip of the hat to Ted Goas on pointing me to this great, quick read on something that all of us struggle with but few of us really recognize in ourselves.

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Top Email Thought Leaders on Twitter
By Lauren Smith

I get a few emails a month asking for resources and people to follow to learn about email design. My fellow Litmusian Lauren did us all a favor by rounding up the top thought leaders on Twitter. 

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Email at the Turning Point
By Yours Truly

In case you missed it the other week, I adapted one of my talks for a blog post. In it, I look at where email design is as an industry and what we can look forward to in the future. 

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