Hi, I'm Jason.

This week, I wrote about the importance of sounding like yourself on your own website. 

Product update video

Read on to find out about how fear leads to awkward copywriting. Plus, you get to see Fabio Carneiro's head on MC Hammer's body. Yeah, that happened. 

Whose website is it, anyways?

Focus On Your Own Shit

This post from Justin Jackson hits home big time. It's so easy to care too much about what everyone else is doing. And, too often, that leads to complete inaction. 

Ignore everything else


I really like this approach to preventing website spam from Jeremy Keith. I definitely agree that double opt-in is a shitty approach (which is why I don't do it for email signups). This seems like a good solution for non-email spam bots. 

Stop the bottom-feeders

The Importance of Vertical Rhythm

One of the best explanations I've seen of why vertical rhythms in typography are important, with some very practical tips from Zell Liew. BRB, updating my site... 

C'mon get rhythm

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