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Stuart Parkin
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Holiday Reflection/Planning Ahead


In my last newsletter I wrote about the myriad career possiblities for strategic problem solvers.There are many ex-agency planners I could cite as examples who set up their own business, moved to a consultancy or have taken a dream job on the client-side. Trajectory and success varies, but  you don't ever fail by consciously assessing your circumstances and concluding that your effectivenss and sanity require you pursue not simply a job, but a reinvention or calling. This is a perfect time of the year to reflect and get inspired, with that in mind:

A shout out to those that seek to inspire others, both within and outside advertising, a few of them listed below.


'How not to plan.' Les Binet 

'Strategy is your words.' Mark Pollard 

'The art of inspiring anybody.' Michael Fanuele -

'The art and science of modern account planning.' - Leslie Bielby

 'The creative curve.' Allen Gannett -                   

'The obstacle is the way.' Ryan Holiday -  I think is a  great read for all problem-solvers.)

'Discovering Hope' Stuart Parkin - Yours truly, on positivity. 

All the best,


Job Opportunities: If you know anyone looking for full time work:

1.SF, director level, creative agency, BtoB, >180K                 

2.NY, director, research/innovation, product strategist,>200k   

3.NY, director, pr/strategy focused, integrated, >200k

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