Email is a Balancing Act

From November of last year, a quick post on the balance between caring too much or too little in email marketing and design. Don't worry, new posts are coming soon. 

What parts do you care about?

Making Time and Space for Community

From Nick Disabato's newsletter, some of the work he's done to help foster community in Chicago. I love the idea of opening your home to friends and colleagues and making it a place to grow and learn.

A good reminder that I need to find some more design/tech/art/business friends in the suburbs of Detroit.

Be more deliberate

Everything You Need to Know About Building an Online Course

A really good, in-depth article from Jason Zook on building online courses. As someone who writes books (and may be working on some online courses...), this is an immediate bookmark. Love a good methods/tools discussion.

Solve a problem for someone

A Web for Everyone

I sit somewhat outside the web app world (but work with people deep, deep inside it). Regardless, I wholeheartedly agree with this post from Jeremy Keith about making sure the web works for everyone. The experience doesn't have to be the same across the board, but the core functionality needs to be there. 

There are all sorts of devices

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