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A monthly newsletter packed with math facts and fun.

Multiplication City Arrays

Teachers often use arrays to help kids understand multiplication.  You will love this colorful, bold math array art project representing multiplication in many different ways.

Kids will combine a favorite Christmas poem, a night-time cityscape, and multiplication awareness to create a piece of art worth framing. 

Encourage students to use lots of mathematical shapes in their construction and display the Multiplication City Arrays for all to see! 

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Tree X Tree = Sign

Pretending to operate a Christmas tree lot, kids will have a merry time decorating two trees for display, along with a sign advertising the trees for only $9 each! 

This creative tree decorating activity will help kids remember that 3 X 3 = 9 (or TREE X TREE = SIGN).

With our multiplication method, kids have fun! 


5 STEM Holiday Crafts

Bring math and art together into the classroom this December and with it you will bring good cheer to your students, reinforce math awareness, boost math-itude, and give students valuable practice with the fundamentals. 

  1. Christmas Tree Garland
  2. Gold Geometric Scultpure Ornaments
  3. Christmas Tree Cone Centerpiece
  4. Circle String Art Ornaments
  5. Cubism Ornament Paiting.

These projects are great for all ages, in the family or school classroom.  Which ones will you create?

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December Math Joke

Why did Santa wear his glasses to his monthly Finance and Budgeting Class?

(Scroll down to the end of the newsletter for the answer.)


Game of the Month: Snowboard Challenge

Spin, flip, and side kick your way through the times tables!  Shred your way to multiplication mastery in this fast-paced snowboard game.

Avoid the obstacles, do tricks off the jumps, and snowboard over the correct answer. After you slay the mountain, receive your medal for your sweet moves!

So bundle up and hit the slopes with Snowboard Challenge Multiplication!

  Shred Your Way to Multiplication Mastery!
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Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library

Do you have young game board, puzzle, or library lovers in your life?  If so, this book will be a welcome addition to your library.   With its intricate plot, slueth-y riddles, and wacky descriptions, Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library is exacly the type of book that will encourage problem solving with your students.  When finished, find out the steps to the order of operations with these FREE Rebus Math worksheets.  This is  a brilliant way to combine math and literature in your classroom.


December Favorites!


Hot Cocoa Math

The only thing better than hot cocoa is hot cocoa with marshmallows! 

Pour your students a steaming cup of math this month with Michelle Griffo's Hot Cocoa Math Unit

Students use the yummiest math manipulative around to strengthen number sense, and operations, and will even explore the science inquiry process.  You will love the cup of cocoa printable and the fantastic ten frames math station!  Students also get to taste test, investigate, and graph results.

Michelle's blog, Apples and ABC's, is a huge asset to the teaching world and we are so glad she shares her passion for teaching with others.

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The Squares Game, Mathified!

Brittney Field over at Games4Gains has shared a simple, innovative math game with us and we can't wait to share it with you.  Much like the "dots and lines" partner game we played as youngsters, this game utlizes the hundreds board, a pair of dice,  some mutliplication strategy to win the most squares. 

Brittney dedicates her time and expertise to provide exceptional resources for teachers.  Thank you, Brittney! 


Christmas Math Games with Dice

Find that you have lost your students to the dream of a white Christmas?  Never fear! 

Becky Spence is a homeschool mom and teacher from This Reading Mama and has generously created bright and innovative math games for you to use in your home or school classroom.  

These games are easily adaptable for kids of many ages, and will be sure to reinforce number sense skills such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fact families!

Thanks to This Reading Mama, students will be dreaming of playing math games (and a white Christmas, of course).

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#MathInMyClass Winner

Congratulations to Keri Swan, our December #mathinmyclass winner!  According to Keri, a homeschooling mom of two young, giggly, danger-seeking boys, her aim is to help her students love learning and have a growth mindset.  Though she has a BA in Advertising and Public Relations, she still dreams of making a career out of being a "Just Dance" dancer.  The fact that she can rock a side ponytail is further proof that this dream is not too far-fetched.

Would you like to be the next #mathinmyclass winner?  It's easy!  Just snap a quick photo of the math you do in your class and upload it with the hashtag #mathinmyclass to Google+, Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter and you will be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card and other fun prizes!   Enter as often as you like! 

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Holiday Math Fun has a whole collection of free worksheets for you to print off and use!  For an extra smartastic idea, use these worksheets with our Student Management System:


Answer to the December Math Joke

Answer: It helps Santa with DIVISION.