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It's Finally Done (for now)

After a flurry of work, my second book, Professional Email Design, is now available. If you've been following along, there's not much else to say other than you should go buy it (if you haven't already). If you want to learn more, click that little link below... 

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Things of Interest
Google's Embarrassing Email Problem
By Sam Beddoes

A great explanation of the sad, sorry state of email in the Google ecosystem. Sure, they've been innovating in features and interactions, but what the hell is going on with rendering?!? Check it out ≫

MailChimp Pattern Library
By the MailChimp UX Team

An inspiring library of design patterns used by the MailChimp team. Definitely worth diving into to see how one of the best-looking web apps gets things done. Check it out ≫

Fun With line-height
By Chris Coyier

Killer examples from the man behind CodePen and CSS-Tricks showing off what you can do when you know the line-height of text. Would be fun to try out in email, if it wasn't so damned volatile. Check it out ≫

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