Introducing Slate

We just released five free, responsive email templates over at Litmus. We're referring to them as Slate, and they represent five emails that pretty much any business should be sending their customers. 

Based off of the Salted template, they are nice and responsive and thoroughly tested. You can read a bit more about them on my blog.

Things of Interest
By Ted Goas

Ted Goas has built up an excellent set of patterns in the Cerberus template. Check it out ≫

Zenith Framework
By Alex Ilhan

If Sass is your jam, Alex Ilhan built out the responsive email framework just for you. Check it out ≫

By Me

The original Salted template that accompanied my A List Apart article on responsive email. Check it out ≫

Responsive Email Patterns
By Brian Graves

Not really a template, but an amazing collection of design patterns (with code) for responsive emails. Check it out ≫

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