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Wednesday 7  June

Tenders open for primary mental health services

SEMPHN is seeking organisations to deliver a Mental Health Integrated Complex Care (MHICC) service in one or more Local Government Areas (LGAs) within our catchment.

MHICC services are designed to support consumers with a severe mental illness who have complex needs and will benefit from improved coordination of their care over long periods.

The services are highly flexible and matched to individual needs. 

The four main parts of a MHICC service are:

  • clinical nursing services
  • family support and liaison
  • care co-ordination and liaison (clinical and non-clinical services)
  • improving access to psychiatrist and psychological care.

MHICC services will be available for population groups that are harder to reach or underserviced and can’t currently access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or Partners In Recovery (PIR).

MHICC will replace Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program (MHNIP) later this year.

MHICC services are part of our Mental Health Stepped Care Model and are in line with Australia-wide changes in mental health services.

Key Dates

6 June Tenders Open
20 June Information session (register below)
28 June Closing date for questions in Tenderlink
10 July Tenders close 3pm
1 November MHICC services start being delivered
1 November to 31 December Parallel services (MHNIP and MHICC) operate
31 December MHNIP ends

More information 

An information session about the tender will be held 8.30am-12noon on 20 June in Keysborough. Register here. The session will be recorded and available to view on the SEMPHN website after the session.

Register your interest and apply for these tenders on SEMPHN's Tenderlink page. A separate submission is required for each LGA.

Please note, all questions about the tenders must be asked via the online forum on SEMPHN’s Tenderlink page by 28 June.

Funding boost for SE Melbourne GPs to help keep patients out of hospital

Patients with chronic and complex conditions will benefit from one of South Eastern Melbourne PHN’s largest funding initiatives.

A total of $3 million in grants were awarded to 34 general practices across all 10 local government areas in the catchment, via an open tender process.

The successful practices are listed here.

The grants will build each practice’s capacity to manage patients with chronic and complex conditions and help reduce potentially preventable hospitalisations – one of the key PHN national priorities. In South Eastern Melbourne, potentially preventable hospitalisations account for around 10% of hospital stays and 14% of hospital bed days.

System-wide change is expected to result from the year-long grant-funded activities which are designed to:

  • improve the health system, service and health literacy of patients and their families
  • enhance patients’ ability to manage their own health needs through self-care strategies
  • improve health outcomes for those patients with poorly managed chronic conditions
  • reduce the rate of potentially preventable hospitalisations for chronic conditions in the SEMPHN region
  • increase the efficacy of care coordination strategies to better manage chronic and complex conditions and to improve the patient’s quality of life, and
  • improve the sustainability of the practice by improving systems and quality to accommodate more clients and offer additional billable services.

New contract management system from 1 June

We recently emailed all our providers to let them know that SEMPHN is upgrading its contract management system to Folio on 1 June.

By now you would have received a welcome email with a link.

Folio will allow better management for contracts, and better support for our providers. You will be able to:

  • view actions and checklists related to your current contracts
  • upload reports, invoices, credentials and any other requirements or deliverables.

From time to time, dependant on your contract deliverables, you will receive email reminders prompting you to complete tasks in Folio.

Getting help with Folio