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December 2017
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We Are Still In Coalition at COP23

Summit Keynote Speaker Announcement

Welcome, Calvin College!




We Are Still In Coalition at COP23
Signatories Playing an Active Role

After the White House announced its plan to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, a coalition of U.S. businesses, states, cities, higher ed, faith and tribe groups stepped forward to reaffirm their commitment to the Paris Agreement. More than 100 climate leaders in America traveled to COP23 in Bonn Germany to tell the world ‘We Are Still In’ the Paris Agreement. Watch Trailer

Dianne Harrison, President, California State University, Northridge, Mark Mitsui, President, Portland Community College, and David Finegold, President, Chatham University were amongst those climate leaders. Our presence as the higher education sector was strong in the Climate Action Center, and we had several well-attended events. Do you want to know more about higher education's participation at COP23? Read Timothy Carter's, Second Nature President, Blog.

Leading up to the COP23 proceedings, more than 1 million people in the U.S. signed the I Am Still In Petition, which was presented to the UNFCCC Secretariat in the Climate Action Center during the Day of Action, on November 15. Mirroring the Day of Action in the U.S., several events were hosted across the U.S. allowing individuals, businesses and local leaders to have their voices heard. The event in Washington, D.C. was particularly active and attended by Congressional and organizational leaders who spoke on the importance of the U.S. staying in the Paris Agreement. 

Higher education's presence has grown further since COP23, welcoming institutions such as MIT to the WASI coalition. See how passionate your students are about higher education's participation in We Are Still In Coalition. If your institution has not joined the We Are Still Coalition, you can join on the We Are Still In Website. For more information on the Climate Action Center read the WASI press release .

Summit Keynote Speaker Announcement
Join the Summit and continue the WASI conversation!

We are excited to announce that Elizabeth Willmott, Environmental Sustainability Program Manager, Microsoft and other distinguished speakers will be joining us for the 2018 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit that will be hosted by Second Nature and the Intentional Endowments Network. The Summit will focus on cross-sectoral collaboration and grand solutions to the climate challenge, from February 4-6 in Tempe Arizona. 

Register now to take advantage of Early Bird Rates.

Welcome, Calvin College!
Climate Leadership Network is Expanding in the Midwest.


Welcome, Calvin College to Second Nature's Climate Leadership Network! President Michael K. Le Roy, Ph.D. has signed the Climate Commitment on behalf of Calvin College, and with that has joined the ranks of action-driven signatories. This is particularly exciting as it marks a significant step of the Climate Leadership Network's expansion in the Midwest! We hope to welcome you in person during our 2018 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit.

JAN 1 - MAY 1
Climate Leadership Network Reporting Period
EPA Green Power Partnership Webinar: Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Arbitrage Process
JAN 18
Resilience Assessments from Phoenix and Portland Campuses
FEB 4-6
Save the Date! 2018 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit
Get Started Analyzing! SIMAP Is Now Live

The Sustainability Indicator Management and Analysis Platform (SIMAP™) is live! Second Nature and University of New Hampshire have partnered to support the launch of the SIMAP. The partnership aims to support the most commonly used carbon calculator for campuses and signatories, share data across SIMAP and SN Reporting Platform, coordinate outreach and technical support, and provide a discount for Climate Leadership Commitment signatories. For more information visit the SIMAP website and view the recording for the SIMAP webinar.

New Resources for the New Year

How to Conduct a Campus-Community Resilience Assessment

This new tool is meant to assist campuses in providing a baseline of current resilience activities on campus and in the community, develop initial indicators of resilience through a multi-stakeholder process, and identify current vulnerabilities related to climate change.

Read More


Implementation Liaison: The Institution’s Chief Climate Change Officer

This new publication identifies how implementation and communication processes occur within the Climate Leadership Network, from the Steering Committee of Presidents, and from Second Nature as the non-profit facilitator. It also provides detailed information to help select a staff person for the Implementation Liaison (IL) role.

Read More

More to Learn From Our Latest Webinars

Webinar Recording for Powersuite: Learn How Campuses can Identify and Engage in Key Energy Policy

Powersuite, a platform developed by the Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) tracks and aggregates the latest state and federal policy documents, legislative bills and regulatory issues from 52 state legislatures, Congress, every Public Utility Commission (PUC), and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Learn how Powersuite can support campuses in understanding how energy policy impact campus climate efforts.

Watch Webinar


Webinar Recording for Analyzing Climate Leadership Network Progress

Second Nature and FOVEA Services have partnered to analyze the Climate Leadership Networks GHG emissions and reduction targets. This webinar will share the data analysis findings, highlight campus efforts, and discuss next steps for moving closer to eliminating campus operational GHG emissions.

Watch Webinar

3 Takeaways From Bonn
Timothy Carter, President, Second Nature

This year, the 23rd COP was held in Bonn and, as in the 23rd year of any event, you may expect it to be a bit mundane. And from a formal negotiations perspective, it arguably was. Negotiators spent most of their time refining the next steps of financing and implementing the Paris Agreement.

What was unique this year was that in June 2017, President Trump announced his intent to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. There were many responses domestically to this announcement from individual sectors unifying internally against this decision. Second Nature was able to serve as the conduit for higher education to be part of the only unified, cross-sector response through the “We Are Still In” (WASI) coalition, subnational actors that declared uniformly, that despite President Trump’s actions, the United States was still committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Continue reading for three quick takeaways from me from COP23 as part of the WASI delegation.

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