Summer recipes and ideas for stay-at-home fun
Summer recipes and ideas for stay-at-home fun
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Title - Let the sunshine in. Young girl baking small cakes with her parents in a luminous kitchen.
The warm weather brings a renewed sense of optimism. And while this season may have its challenges, we can still enjoy the nostalgic flavours of summer and find fun ways to improvise. We’ve put together a collection of recipes designed to lift spirits and transport taste buds. We wish everyone a healthy and happy summer.
Close up of a plate of chocolate chip cookies with mini marshmallows and graham cracker pieces on a wooden table.
A campout in a cookie.
To beat boredom, why not try a new spin on summer traditions? Tell ghost stories in the backyard, pitch a tent in the living room, or try our Ooey Gooey S’mores Cookies straight from the oven. These buttery, chewy chocolate chip cookies are studded with mini marshmallows and graham cracker pieces to make the ultimate campfire-inspired treat.
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Close up of a coffee with whipped cream on top.
Be your own Barista.
Bring the coffee shop home with this special grownup treat. It’s every bit as indulgent as a café drink, only easy to make. Our Nutty Coconut Coffee features Coconut Whipped Cream, coffee, and your favourite liqueur. We’ve also included several suggestions for non-alcoholic versions for younger audiences, or morning indulgence.
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Close up of a frittata with red peppers and chorizo in a pan on a wooden table.
An egg dish to keep your sunny side up.
This restaurant-worthy Chorizo and Red Pepper Frittata is like brunch out at home. Adding sour cream to the eggs makes it ultra-light and creamy, while flavours of Spanish chorizo, peppers, potato and goat cheddar make it rich and satisfying. This flavourful frittata is a lovely dinner option as well.
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Title – Gay Lea. Bring home that campfire feeling. Can of toasted marshmallow whipped cream with a lake background
Instant nostalgia.
While we may not be able to sit around a traditional campfire with today’s social restrictions, we can certainly bring home the flavour. Our limited-edition Toasted Marshmallow Real Whipped Cream is perfect to enjoy wherever you are. Made with natural flavours and 100% Canadian milk, it’s delicious on ice cream, desserts, fruit, and summer treats.
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Five people with a Gay Lea banner sign at an office.
A foundation of caring.
We’re proud to pass the $1 million-dollar
mark for charitable giving.
With an ongoing mission to enrich communities, Gay Lea Foods has granted more than $1 million in support of poverty relief, education and community development projects since it was created in 2014. From our chair, Rob Goodwill, “our commitment to giving back, to working together to care for people and communities, is part of who we are at Gay Lea Foods.”
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Mother and daughter eating cookies with milk in cozy blanket house at night at home.
Redefining the staycation.
As the weather warms up and the days get longer, it’s hard not to think about waylaid summer plans. But just because we have to skip our cross-country road trip or we might have to wait longer to take our kids on their first rollercoaster, we can still recreate fun summer experiences at home while making lots of great memories.
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Checkout how we’re getting greener.
As part of Gay Lea Foods’ ongoing commitment to sustainability, we will be transitioning towards paperless couponing. Instead of a printable eNewsletter coupon, moving forward we’ll be offering more coupons through the Checkout 51 App. By offering digital coupons instead of the printed option, Gay Lea Foods is saving almost 3,000 pounds of paper each year.
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