Keep the school year safe!

Back to School

Exciting Times!

Remember the mix of excitement and apprehension you felt at the beginning of the school year? Reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, adjusting to new teachers and students and learning new routines can keep everyone very busy. There are things we can all do to ensure times of transition in our lives go smoothly. When we are healthier we are also better able to handle such stressors in our life. This month you will find tips for the students and teachers in your life but everyone can benefit from the information. Share these tips with others. You might just improve someone's health and happiness!  


School Sports

We Can Help Prevent Injuries

On the playground or on the football field, we all want to do our best and enjoy the time we spend playing sports. Everyone understands the importance of seeing a doctor after an injury but many injuries can be prevented when weaknesses are found and corrected early. Old injuries, poor posture and bad habits can cause imbalances when we are doing every day activities. Every athlete understands the importance of form which is an extension of our posture. When we are playing sports any imbalance affects our performance and can lead to injury because of extra stress on joints and muscles. The good news is, screening for these problems is quick and painless!


Reduce Stress

It's Not Stress Making Your Shoulders Hurt

Teachers often tell us "I carry my stress in my shoulders." The pain and stiffness is actually an indicator of an underlying problem which is being stressed by daily activities. Depending on the cause, small changes can often provide relief from shoulder pain. Adjusting computer screens to eye level, holding our head up when looking at smart phones and correcting our posture when doing such things as grading papers are some examples of these changes. Persistent pain should prompt a visit to a doctor to find and correct the problem. Just because the pain eases for a time, it doesn't mean the underlying problem has gone away.


Backpack Safety

Carrying a backpack that weighs too much or having it slung over one shoulder can create problems which can affect children for years if left uncorrected. With backpacks, prevention is key! Learn what you need to know for your child's safety and you might even realize you are stressing your own body for no reason when you are carrying everyday objects.

Healthy Snacks



It can be disheartening to hear that your child has scoliosis. The good news is most cases of scoliosis can now be treated with non-invasive methods. The key to successful treatment is early detection. If you have been told your child has scoliosis or you want them screened, our providers will diagnose the problem and design a treatment plan to provide the best possible outcome for your child.

Save on BioFreeze


Your Natural Choice for Pain Relief

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Save on BioFreeze


Lose Weight, Not Taste!

If you are looking for a healthy alternative that tastes great but will help you lose weight, then you have to try these delicious products. You will even be supporting a local business because the company behind the great taste is based in Grovetown! Snacks, beverages, dessert and even convenient entrees! We have it all!


Area Happenings


Every Saturday      8:00AM - 2:00PM


Augusta Market                                                                                               8th Street Plaza-  8th and Reynolds                      

Food,  crafts, organic produce and entertainment for the whole family!


August 20, 2016     7:30PM


Candlelight Wine and Dine                                          Columbia County Library Amphitheatre   

Bring your own seating and picnic and enjoy the jazz!