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A few words from Tim...

It's a quick one from me this month as we battle through what seems to be a very long winter! I hope you are managing to stay warm and well.

Thankfully we continue to be kept busy here with a wide range of both prototyping and production requirements. 

Micro Resin-Based 3D Printing

The enquiries we've had recently have made me think it might be useful to let you know - did you know we can 3D print Micro Resin-Based parts?

We're delighted with the quality of parts we are getting off our Figure 4 Printer with layer builds from 50 micron all the way down to 10 micron. With my background in Rapid Prototyping, it's exciting to still be pushing boundaries within the technology 30 years on.

With a variety of material options, flexible quantities and 24 hour turnarounds possible, this fine layer resolution process is proving a genuinely viable option for small, highly detailed parts.

If this would be of interest to you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We are as always, forever at your service,

Plunkett Associates
Micro resin-based parts in 24 hours!

Micro Resin-Based Parts within 24 hours!

3D Printing at 50 micron all way down to 10 micron layers, the surface detail is so fine you‘ll need a magnifying glass to see it. It's ideal for those situations where high resolution is just not enough.

Quantities can be flexible and with numbers from as low as 1 off reaching right up to the 200 - 300 bracket, this fine-layer resolution process can provide viable prototype or production options for your smaller parts.


If you have a project in mind, or would like more information, contact us and we will be pleased to help.

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