September 2019

Director's Update

We are anticipating a busy few months in the lead up to the end of the year at the N8 Research Partnership team. We also have a new Chair of the Board, Chris Day, and a new Chair of our Strategic Executive Group, Anthony Hollander, and we look forward to the burst of energy that new leadership brings.  

We’re excited about the formal launch of the EPSRC-funded DecarboN8 network, which aims to find new ways to decarbonise rapidly UK transport. We will be holding workshops in October to help scope out interesting research areas within our new priority themes of Child of the North and Clean and Productive Businesses and we will be bringing key partners and advocates together from across the N8 universities in November.
N8 AgriFood has its annual conference in October too; with a diverse range of contributions it’s set to be another excellent and thought-provoking event.  After a recent meeting with the Chief Scientific Advisor for the Home Office, N8 Policing Research Partnership has announced that the topic for the 2019 Policing Innovation Forum in November will be Knife Crime.

There are many opportunities to connect with us over the coming months; either at conferences such as the NP11 Summit in September and the Northern Economic Summit in November; or at visits to universities like Durham and Newcastle planned for September. Colleagues Nick Goldspink, Steve Parkinson and I look forward to meeting many of you and working together to ensure that the N8 Research Partnership continues to build on our track record of collaboration that benefits the North of England and beyond.



Celebrating ‘National Postdoc Appreciation Week’ with #N8PostDocs

From 16th – 20th September we celebrated ‘National Postdoc Appreciation Week’. Take a look at how everyone got involved!

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NUPHA launched to tackle North/South health inequalities

Leading health experts across the North have united in response to worsening health inequalities between the North and the rest of England showing over half of the North with a lower life expectancy than the worst area in the South.

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N8 Policing

N8 Policing Research small grants having big impact

A celebration of N8’s Policing Research Partnership small grants programme has confirmed that some of the North’s top academic talent is producing research with the power to transform society across a range of areas.

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N8 Agrifood

Sustainable food systems debated at N8 AgriFood annual conference 2019

Research aimed at creating solutions for a sustainable food system is being put under the spotlight at the fourth annual N8 AgriFood Conference in October.

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NEwcastle University

N8 University teachers named National Teaching Fellows

Nine N8 university teachers have been recognised for their academic impact and outstanding contributions to higher education.

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Leading the way to belonging in research and innovation

Read the latest blog from N8 Director, Annette Bramley on how to encourage a sense of belonging in the workplace, and why. 

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