Sparkin - Moving You Forward November 2019
Stuart Parkin
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Pivotal To Your Career Success

Many of you are capable of brilliance, a brilliant strategy that helps win a pitch or propels an existing client forward. But, can such quality thinking be replicated on a consistent basis? It's this consistency that leads to greatness. Great reputation and with it, great opportunities for career success.

Why do some have greater consistency than others? Is it different talent, experience, work-rate, support network, determination? Perhaps it's the significance of the outcome (pressure) or something more fundamental, the challenge of forming habits, of being able to consistently change your behaviour.

The truth is, everything that matters we want to be consistent. And what does consistency give you in a career context. To name a few:

1. It builds reputation - When you consistenly deliver, people take note and you become the 'go to' person.

2. Amplifies skills - It's well documented that mastery arises from persistently repeated activity and the nuanced learning that comes from this.

3. Builds Self-Belief - When you are able to consistently deliver something, that's empowering. When you know others know it, that's validating and further confidence boosting.

4. Achieves results - Reliability builds momentum which backed up by planning and resources, leads to results.

5. Builds relationships - Bosses and consumers seek consistency and when it exists, so relationships begin to form.

For more on why we fail to be and how we can become more consistent, a few links attached.


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