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Stuart Parkin
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The Ever Transactional Market for Strategic Talent - How The Savvy Strategists Select Their Jobs


We’ve all experienced the increasingly transactional nature of jobs in agencies. The constant firing and hiring of employees…Well welcome to the growth economy, to the project driven, short term focus, shareholder prioritized world of business.

Despite being some of the agency’s most valued employees, you strategists are increasingly being offered instead of full time work, permalance roles or opportunities with very specific tasks. Discussion of career is much less the norm.

What’s significant, is that knowing you have to manage your own careers, the smart amongst you are approaching the way you seek out new job opportunities with specific prioritization on opportunities that enhance your skills and experience. This is done with the understanding that anyone today can lose there job, any time. So, you want to ensure your expertise/experience continues to develop along the way, so you can compete with your peers when looking for the next job.

Arguably the brightest have always done this. The difference today is, failure to do this poses the real risks of falling behind your peers.

What skill or experience are you looking to develop in your next job?





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