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Field trip Ghent - Zeeland: 18th September 2014

Thursday the 18th of september, the Grow2Build partners VIBE, Inagro and DLV Plant host a field trip from Ghent to Zeeland (The Netherlands). During this day, we'll visit a flax processor, a hemp field and a construction site where they are using hemp concrete.

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Curious about the field trip? Last year we went to the southwest of Flanders. You can watch the movie on the Grow2Build website.

Reports online

During the Grow2Build project different partners are publishing results of their studies on the Grow2Build Website. 

You can find them online: http://www.grow2build.eu/results.  The results are diveded among the categories: farmers, processors and builders.

Meet us @

You can find partners of the Grow2Build project at the following events:

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Science days RWTH-Aachen University (Aachen, Germany):  18 - 19/09
Biolicious (Ghent, Belgium): 21/09
Bulskampveld (Bruges, Belgium): 28/09
Bis beurs (Ghent, Belgium): 04 - 12/10
Hout & Groen Wonen (Antwerp, Belgium): 08 - 09/11

Pictures of past events can be found on: http://www.grow2build.eu/news/events