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What's Your Barrier To Career Success?

Stuart Parkin

‘The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of this life: Deciding what you want.’ (Ben Stein)

In the March edition of ‘Narrate’ I asked whether full job security is possible, and suggested the biggest challenge is not your employer, your boss, the cyclical nature of business, it’s you!

It’s not that we professionals are not capable, it’s that we don’t fully appreciate how, where and the extent to which we add value. These are the levers we must apply to advance our careers but most of us are blind to them.

In the absence of self awareness, we rely on others – HR and perhaps a benevolent boss – to drive our careers. The problem is, they are swamped with short term demands and can't play the role they once did. Consequently, self reliance is paramount.

The articles here give some useful commentary and might provoke a few thoughts, and as ever, I’d be happy to talk things through with you.


Articles and commentary that might be of interest...

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