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April 2017
GFA Semi Annual Meeting - March 2017

Closed-Cell Sponge Gaskets For a Security System

Ever-changing passcodes, eye scanners, facial recognition programs, and fingerprint scanners are all part of modern-day high tech security systems, and one Gasket Engineering customer turned to us to manufacture a tricky, angled, closed-cell sponge gaskets without using a 2-stage die (to keep costs down).

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Need Neoprene?

Because we use the highest quality material available within the industry to make top-grade custom Neoprene gaskets, we are recognized as the one-stop-shop for converting Neoprene gasket material into the exact specifications and tolerance requirements you need for your custom Neoprene rubber gasket or Neoprene rubber seal. Find out more here.

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What's the difference between regular cloth-insert rubber (rubber coated fabric)and more expensive "Engineered Coated Fabric" or diaphragm material?

What's the difference between regular cloth-insert rubber and more expensive "Engineered Coated Fabrics" (diaphragm) materials? This is an important question to answer in order to know whether you need to invest in more highly-engineered coated fabrics or diaphragm materials or whether something more cost-effective will work for your particular application.

Find out more about why they work so well and how they are made …

Rubber Coating Process
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