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Our first edition of the Austroads newsletter for 2014 has an assets management focus. In December Austroads published three reports examining bridge asset management, the management of road related assets and a strategy for managing electrical assets.

This edition also has information about the latest specialist courses by the Centre for Pavement Engineering Education and a rundown of upcoming professional development opportunities.

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Bridge Management Using Performance Models

Performance modelling is an asset management tool used to quantify or qualify the performance of a bridge within the context of the overall bridge network. Performance modelling techniques include the use of performance indicators and deterioration modelling. Frequently these new techniques are integrated into bridge management software tools.

In December 2013 Austroads published a report capturing these new techniques and providing guidance for their use in Australia and New Zealand.

This report provides a review of the state-of-the-art in bridge asset management. This includes a review of current asset management practices in Australia and overseas and a review of selected computerised bridge information systems available to asset managers.

To improve the availability of data and understanding of modelling techniques, the report recommends:

  • developing harmonised national standards for bridge inspection, inspector training and data recording 
  • trialling and validating deterioration modelling in Australian and New Zealand to improve local confidence and understanding of the techniques.

Download Bridge Management Using Performance Models

Framework for the Management of Road Related Assets

In recent times, road agencies have shifted from being road builders to road managers.  This change has ensured that road agencies need to embrace the management of all road-related assets, not just pavements and structures.

In December 2013 Austroads released a generic framework for the management of road-related assets and guidance for its application.

The generic framework is relevant for all RRA groups. However, its application needs to be tailored according to the critical nature of each asset. For the purpose of the report, RRA groups were prioritised based on their risk rating. RRAs with high risk ratings include traffic signals, railway crossings, tunnel facilities and services, and the communication (optical fibre) networks owned by road agencies.

The framework consists of three blocks of inputs into the core strategy: organisation strategic plans; organisation and business processes; and performance monitoring, review and feedback.  The core strategy consists of four stages: asset management (AM) policy development; AM strategy development; AM plans development; and the delivery of AM plans or actions.  Continuous improvement is maintained through a Plan-Do-Check-Act loop.

It is expected that for each high risk assets, a road agency will consider the application of the framework with consideration to all or most of its elements; whereas for other RRAs with low criticality, a road agency may either utilise a simplified framework or may apply the framework to entire groups of assets, instead of individual assets. 

The generic framework was employed in the development of an Asset Management strategy for traffic signals which was also published in December.

Download A Generic Framework for the Management of Road Related Assets

Download Asset Management Strategy for Electrical Assets

CPEE Courses Enrolling Now

The Centre for Pavement Engineering Education offers specialist Graduate Certificate and Masters programs by distance education. 

Courses starting in January include:

Masters and Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Professional Honours in Infrastructure Asset Management) 

Graduate Certificate in Infrastructure Asset Management

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Professional Honours in Road Engineering & Construction)

Graduate Certificate in Road Engineering & Construction

The study period is set to begin on 27 January and will finish up with exams in mid June. Other key information for the upcoming study period can be found on the CPEE website.

Upcoming Workshops and Conferences

World Road Association's XIVth International Winter Road Congress
4-7 February 2014, Andorra

NEW Austroads Guide to Road Tunnels - An Overview
27 February 2014, Online webinar [No charge]

NEW Austroads Polymer Modified Binder (PMB) Spray Seal Trials
13 March 2014, Online webinar [No charge]

4th International Safer Roads Conference
18-21 May 2014, Cheltenham, UK 

NEW OECD International Transport Forum 2014 Annual Summit
21-23 May 2014, Leipzig, Germany

Velo City Global Cycling Conference
27-29 May 2014, Adelaide, Australia

IPWEA Sustainability in Public Works
27-29 July 2014, Tweed Heads/Coolangatta, Australia

AITPM National Traffic and Transport Conference
12-15 August 2014, Adelaide Australia

26th ARRB Conference
19-22 October 2014, Sydney Australia

Austroads Bridge Conference
22-24 October 2014, Sydney, Australia