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Welcome to September Edition of News Bytes

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Successful Solutions Built on BittWare Announced by Industry Leading Firms

BittWare used the 2014 High Performance Computing for Wall Street conference to announce that they are the FPGA platform provider of choice for next generation solutions from both CSPI / Myricom and NovaSparks.

The Myricom network adapter from CSPI is based on a joint development effort using BittWare's new Arria V GZ low profile PCIe board platform (A5PL), that provides two 40 GigE or eight 10 GigE network interfaces and optional DDR3 or QDRII+ SDRAM.



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Sarsen Technology will be on Stand G32, where you can find out more about the complete range of CPU modules and System-on-Module (SoM) solutions from DAVE Embedded Systems, based on ARM Cortex-A and PowerPC architectures, Freescale i.MX6 and Texas Instruments ‘Da Vinci’ DM814x and ‘Sitara’ AM387x processor families, and the brand new  Xilinx ‘Zynq’ XC7Z010 / XC7Z020 System on Chip (SoC).



Tech Source Releases Condor VC102x XMC Card that Alleviates Video Relay Bandwidth Hurdles

Tech Source has introduced its ultra-low power, rugged Condor VC102x XMC H.264 compression and raw video capture card.

The Condor VC102x features two H.264 encoders on board and two dedicated Ethernet outputs, acting as a frame grabber as well as an H.264 encoder.

Condor VC102x is available in various ruggedized levels, and has conduction or convection cooled variants. Windows 7 or Linux drivers are available by default.

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VIDEO: Isolation Methods Employed by UEI

Tyler Dawbin, Senior Applications Engineer with United Electronic Industries (UEI), introduces channel-channel isolated PowerDNA boards.

All PowerDNA boards are isolated between the I/O connector and the power supply ground, but UEI also offers boards that feature isolation down to the per-channel level, which increases immunity to noise and crosstalk, and gives you the capability to deal with large potential voltages, up to 350V RMS.

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ZNYX Networks Announces High Performance ZX1200-SDN - Top-of-Rack OpenFlow Switch

Unique Design Enables Impressive 250,000 Flow Rules, Large Port Count, and Smooth Upgrade to Pending Specifications.

This is a unique product in the OpenFlow switch space. The ZX1200-SDN is a software-defined networking (SDN) solution and can accommodate a significantly larger volume of custom OpenFlow flow rules than standard hardware solutions at a far more cost-effective price.

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