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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        Rubio Press Team 
February 5, 2016                                           

Rubio Campaign Announces 100 Additional NH Grassroots Supporters

Today, the Marco Rubio for President campaign is excited to announce a growing group of grassroots supporters in New Hampshire rallying behind Marco's vision for the country. 

“We are excited about the growing grassroots support for Marco Rubio in New Hampshire," said Jim Merrill, Senior Advisor, Marco Rubio for President. "It's clear that as a party we need to unite behind a candidate that can bring Republicans together and defeat Hillary Clinton, and that candidate is Marco Rubio. Granite Staters know that Marco is the most qualified and well-positioned candidate to win in November and lead our nation, and that is why they are joining his campaign for a New American Century. We are thankful for their support and look forward to continuing to earn every vote in the closing days of this election.”

Growing List of Grassroots Supporters in New Hampshire: 

David Alcorta - GOP Activist, Rindge
John Anderson - Veteran, Manchester
Sally Anderson - GOP Activist, Manchester
Fred Anderson - Retired President and CEO of NH Electric Co-Op, Windham
Timothy Bailey - USMC (Retired); Afghanistan Veteran, Colonel, Hampton
John Baker - GOP Activist, Hollis
Anne Baker - GOP Activist, Hollis
Maureen Barrows - Former Rockingham County Commissioner and McCain NH Vice Chair, Exeter
Rosanna Bolduc - GOP Activist, Amherst
Barbara Bridges - Owner, Bridges Hallmark, Wolfeboro
Gwendolyn Bronson - GOP Activist, Center Harbor
Ron Brooks - GOP Activist, Gilmanton
Dawn Brooks - GOP Activist, Gilmanton
Sheridan Brown - Attorney, Grantham Selectman, Grantham
Leslie Burns - GOP Activist, Chesterfield
George Caccavaro, Jr. - Former Mayor, Claremont
Mary Ann Cooper - GOP Activist, Dover
Gordon Crosson - GOP Activist, Lee
Sandie Crosson - GOP Activist, Lee
Terry Daly - GOP Activist, Hebron
Don Davidson - Former Mayor, Nashua
Jack Derwin - GOP Activist, Walpole
David Dethlefs - GOP Activist, Center Conway
Suzanne Dilulio - GOP Activist, Manchester
Paul Dilulio - GOP Activist, Manchester
Doreen Duquette - GOP Activist, Manchester
Linda Fink - GOP Activist, Windham
Alecia Fink - GOP Activist, Amherst
Kristie Foote - GOP Activist, Manchester
Don Forsberg - Former Laconia City Councilor and Mayor Pro Tem, Laconia
Jan Forsberg - GOP Activist, Laconia
Chris Forsberg - GOP Activist, Loudon
Becky Forsberg - GOP Activist, Loudon
Liz Gabert - GOP Activist, Bedford
Kevin Gage - Fire Commissioner, Nashua
Dennis Galligher - Former President of the Wilson Hill Pistol Club , Exeter
Christian Galligher - GOP Activist, Stratham
Jane Garrison - GOP Activist, Bedford
Jenny Gibson Kautz - GOP Activist, Keene
Bonnie Gorbaty - GOP Activist, Thornton
Kim Gordon - GOP Activist, Ashuelot
Eugene Grosbeck - GOP Activist, Wolfeboro
Loretta Guyett - GOP Activist, Londonderry
Julia Harpe - GOP Activist, New Boston
Phil Hastings - GOP Activist, Concord
Brenda  Hastings - GOP Activist, Concord
Joan Hayssen - GOP Activist, Spofford
Bob Healey - GOP Activist, Merrimack
Barbara Healey - GOP Activist, Merrimack
Dennis Hogan - Hillsborough County Attorney, Nashua
Bob Introne - State Representative, Londonderry
Kathy Jackson - GOP Activist, Brookline
Linda Jette - Former Atkinson Town Clerk, Atkinson
Brenda Keith - Attorney at Boutin & Altieri Pllc, Londonderry
Christine  Kingsley - GOP Activist, Gilford
Jess Kinney - Business Director, Concepts of Truth, Derry
Beno Lamontagne - Former Romney for President Coos County Chairman, Colebrook
Russell Leider - GOP Activist, Greenland
Cheryl Mailloux - GOP Activist, Brookline
Matthew Mailloux - GOP Activist, Brookline
Nancy Malo - GOP Activist, Atkinson
Deb Mancini - GOP Activist, Manchester
Shannon McGinley - Former Executive Director, Cornerstone Policy Research, Bedford
Charlie  McKinney - GOP Activist, Amherst
Dee Mitchell - GOP Activist, Dover
Billy Mitchell - GOP Activist, Hampton
Elizabeth Mitchell - GOP Activist, Hampton
Adam Moody - GOP Activist, Nelson
Brianne Morneau - Junior Class President, Berlin High School, Berlin
Van Mosher - Bow-Dunbarton GOP Committee Chairman, Bow
Bill Nelson - State Representative, Brookfield
John O'Connor - State Representative, Derry
Gary Ostiguy - GOP Activist, Jaffrey
Shawn Poirier - GOP Activist, Concord
Dean Poirier, Jr. - GOP Activist, Concord
Pam Potter - GOP Activist, Nelson
Alicia Preston - Former Spokesperson for Gov. Pataki, Hampton
Brian Roche - GOP Activist, Windham
Patricia Rossenthal - GOP Activist, Campton
Peter Russell - GOP Activist, Greenland
Victoria Schimp - GOP Activist, Fitzwilliam
Erika Sheppard - GOP Activist, Henniker
Lara Shilling - GOP Activist, Manchester
Wesley Shuler - State Representative, East Kingston
John Simmons - North Hampton Budget Committee Member, North Hampton
Kerry Simons - GOP Activist, Nashua
Cathy Smith - GOP Activist, Auburn
Rick St. Hilaire - Former Grafton County Attorney, Lebanon
Jeff Steensen - Owner, Adaptable Computer, LLC, Owner, Danville
Marti Steiner Jones - GOP Activist, Manchester
Gloria Sterling - GOP Activist, Plymouth
Kevin Stuart - GOP activist, Auburn
Sydney Thomas - GOP Activist, Temple
Sean  Thomas - Former Senior Policy Advisor to Mayor Ray Wieczorek, Manchester
Carl Tischbein - GOP Activist, Etna
Erika Tischbein - GOP Activist, Etna
Kevin Trefethen - GOP Activist, Laconia
Kathy Trombly - GOP Activist, Derry
Timothy Wege - GOP Activist, Londonderry
Evan Young - GOP Activist, Manchester