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Stuart Parkin
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Biased Thinking - The Anti-Strategist

Judging a book by its cover is not a smart thing to do but we all do it, subconsciously if not consciously.

'The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend' (Henri Bergson)

Effective  strategists require many skills but if those they interact with don't have a fair chance of being heard, they will not accurately represent them; They will fail to be the 'voice of the consumer.'

We are all biased about everything, however open mnded we think we are. We are even biased about ourselves.

So how do we get an open mind and escape the bonds of our upbringing and past experience?

A few potential steps:

- Understand where your biases lie and recognise them..

- Be determined to challenge these biases.

- Take steps to actively compensate for these biases.

Finally, have a look at some articles to help recognise and to compensate for your biases. 

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Articles and commentary that might be of interest...

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Articles about how to ensure 'neutral'/Open listening

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