I'm Migrating

It's time to switch things up. Over the next few weeks, I'm migrating my website to WordPress. 

Product update video

I want something that's not only user-friendly, but has some ideals behind it, too. I think WordPress offers that.

Here's my reasoning

A No Email Signup Flow

A cool take on cutting emails out of the signup flow for web services. Looks like a great way to get people using a product, except there's one catch. 

See what it is

Design in a Sea of Engineering

A fascinating look at how a single designer supports an engineering-focused company from Ted Goas. Great insights into a challenging environment. 

Go fishing

The Maker Illusion

Eric Karjaluoto on the ease with which people "create" today and how the real magic happens during the actual making of things, hard work, and the focus on the process. 

Why bother?

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