Newsletter - February 2021

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Welcome to the February speechBITE newsletter! This month we have a special edition of the newsletter for you, focused on literacy interventions for paediatric populations.

The papers in this edition cover a wide range of ages, from preschoolers to older adolescents. As such, the interventions target pre-literacy skills, decoding, reading comprehension, and writing. They include individualised, small group, and whole class approaches. Treatments are included for children with learning disabilities, intellectual disability, ADHD, as well as those who are Deaf, multilingual, or at risk for the development of a communication disorder.

There are over 1,100 articles on literacy and pre-literacy interventions on the speechBITE database. You can find them by selecting “Literacy and pre-literacy intervention” from the drop-down menu in the “Type of intervention” field using the advanced search. To refine the search results, try selecting an age group or population.

Latest publications

Chatenoud C, Turcotte C, et al (2020) Effects of Three Combined Reading Instruction Devices on the Reading Achievement of Adolescents with Mild Intellectual Disability OPEN ACCESS

Ciullo S, Mason LH, et al (2021) Persuasive quick-writing about text: Intervention for students with learning disabilities

Donnelly PM, Larson K, et al (2020) Annotating digital text with phonemic cues to support decoding in struggling readers OPEN ACCESS

Gersten R, Haymond K, et al (2020) Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Reading Interventions for Students in the Primary Grades

Hur JH, Snyder P, et al (2020) Systematic Review of English Early Literacy Interventions for Children Who Are Dual Language Learners

Kim JS, Burkhauser MA, et al (2021) Improving reading comprehension, science domain knowledge, and reading engagement through a first-grade content literacy intervention

Murphy KA, Diehm EA, (2020) Collecting Words: A Clinical Example of a Morphology-Focused Orthographic Intervention

Piasta SB, Sawyer B, et al (2020) Effects of read it again! In early childhood special education classrooms as compared to regular shared book reading

Rachmani R, (2020) The Effects of a Phonological Awareness and Alphabet Knowledge Intervention on Four-Year-Old Children in an Early Childhood Setting

Scott JA, Hansen SG (2020) Comprehending Science Writing: The Promise of Dialogic Reading for Supporting Upper Elementary Deaf Students

Stewart AA, Austin CR (2020) Reading Interventions for Students with or at Risk of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Systematic Review

Terzopoulos AR, Niolaki GZ, et al (2020) Intervention for a lexical reading and spelling difficulty in two Greek-speaking primary age children

Vaughn S, Capin P, et al (2020) The Critical Role of Word Reading as a Predictor of Response to Intervention

Wanzek J, Otaiba SAI, et al (2020) Intensive Intervention for Upper Elementary Students with Severe Reading Comprehension Difficulties

Zijlstra H, van Bergen E, et al (2021) Prevention of reading difficulties in children with and without familial risk: Short- and long-term effects of an early intervention

Happy Reading!

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