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In this issue:  Rally: Last Chance to Register!  •  Autocross Recap  •  Meeting Details & Minutes  •  Motorsports, Susquehanna Style  •   Weatherly Hillclimb  •  DC National Champ Tour  •  Member Spotlight: Derek Colton  •  The Ugly, Part 2  •  Gus’s Race Car Returns to Central PA  •  How to Build an Air-Powered Shop Broom  •  Understanding Understeer vs. Oversteer  •  Ten Best Cars for a First-Time Track Driver  •  Best Ways to Break into Motorsports on a Budget


From the Editor's Desk

Hi, there — Can I be honest? I don't have much to say this month except that this issue is jam-packed with good info and that you should — for sure — join us for our next meeting. It's this Tuesday, June 28. Keep your eyes out for the agenda this weekend and I'll look forward to seeing you there. 

Until next time — Kristen Poole
Assistant Regional Executive & Editor, The Squeal



The next rallycross event with the Susquehanna Region is THIS SATURDAY, June 25th on the Elemerton Lot of the Farm Show. Registration closes in just a few hours, at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 22. If you're on the fence about it, sign up now! We hope to see you there. 


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Autocross Recap

We had what amounts to a double-double-header since the last newsletter. Two double headers on back-to-back weekends. All four events went smoothly, thanks to all of the core volunteers the Susquehanna Region is lucky to have. We even avoided the severe weather that was forecasted on Sunday, June 5. 

Our next event isn't until Sunday, September 11, which is another double-header at Farm Show. Until then, check out the full list of autocross results from this season at the link below. 


June Regional Meeting

Tuesday, June 28 • 7:30 p.m.
Our next meeting will be held in the private dining room at Gilligan's Bar and Grill, 987 Eisenhower Boulevard, Harrisburg, PA 17111.  

The meeting agenda will be provided to members via email this weekend. All members are encouraged to attend. Come early for dinner (and a drink) with other members. 

May Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are now posted in the News section of the Susquehanna Region website. View them using the button below. 


Motorsports, Susquehanna Style

Susquehanna member Donald McLaughlin goes three-wheels around Turn 3 — "The Wall" — at Weatherly Hillclimb in his '81 Renault R5. Photo by Kristen Poole.

Weatherly Hillclimb

Nine of your fellow Susquehanna members took advantage of a beautiful weekend at the 2016 Spring Weatherly Hillclimb on June 11-12. Congratulations to all of you!

  • Dennis Williams — 1st out of 6 in DSP  
  • Jason Fraley — 2nd out of 5 in DSP 
  • Shawn Mellinger — 3rd out of 6 in BSP 
  • Donald McLaughlin — 2nd out of 2 in GTL
  • Gordon Wise — 1st out of 1 in SPO 
  • Joseph Whiteley — 1st out of 1 in HP
  • Greg Hagan — 1st out of 2 in CF
  • Tony Preston — 1st in 1 in FF 
  • Brian Micciche — 2nd out of 3 in S3

DC National Champ Tour

Susquehanna was well-represented at this year's Tire Rack National Champ Tour June 17-19. Eleven members had a chance to run long courses alongside national champions. Congrats on a job well done!

  • Matthew Carper — 9th out of 14 in BS
  • Rob Springer — 2nd out of 7 in DS
  • Melissa Mauro — 6th out of 7 in DS
  • Derek Colton — 8th out of 10 in STU
  • Derrick Min — 6th out of 19 in STX
  • Chad Kettler — 8th out of 19 in STX
  • Jason Felty — 1st out of 4 in ESP
  • Derek Latshaw — 2nd out of 4 in ESP
  • Taylor Bathurst — 1st out of 1 in FP
  • Dennis Latshaw — 1st out of 1 in CAMC
  • Mike Goodman — 1st out of 2 in CAMT

Member Spotlight

Name: Derek Colton
From:  Lancaster, PA
Runs: Autocross
Drives: 2013 Subaru (Urdnot) WRX, in STU
Member since: 2014

I am disappointed that I have not heard of AutoX sooner. I've always enjoyed the idea of racing, even throughout high school. My best friend, Albert, and I used to read import tuner mags and play racing games, dreaming of starting our own racing team. Back then we used to call ourselves "Kerberos". Over time we began to fade from that name. Now, thanks to AutoX, we each don a certain sticker on our cars and we decided to call ourselves the "Angry Panda Racing" team. Strike hard, strike fast.​

Derek Colton

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The Ugly, Part 2

by Alan Lesher
After the crash at Summit Point, I needed to decide: repair or replace. After some consulting, I decided to fix the car. More to follow as the project develops.

Photo with engine taken out prior to bodywork, courtesy of Chris Childs at Angry Sheep Motorsports


Gus’s Race Car Returns to Central PA

by Daren Stonesifer
I added a new race car to the stable. Well, new for me. According to the Vin Plate, it’s a 1973 Porsche 911S. More on that later.

I’ve always thought that having a purpose built race car with removable body panels that allow easier access to components would make racing easier. Since these cars are constructed for the specific purpose of racing, they have no unnecessary extra metal or components. This allows for the lowest possible weight. Furthermore, their suspensions are optimized for handling and provide every needed adjustment for toe, camber, and so on. 

Conversely, door slammers, otherwise known as production cars, converted into race cars can be difficult to access certain areas. They typically have body and other panels that block access to components such as the engine, transmission, electrical, and suspension. Additionally, their stock body panels, initially added to promote strength and safety of their structure, add substantial extra weight. Of course many of these panels can be removed upon converting the car from street to race car, but at the risk of compromising chassis strength or violating the sanctioning body rules.

So when the most recent car built by Gus Rosenberg came up for sale again on eBay, I couldn’t resist. Gus had built this car during a period from 2006 to 2009. Like Gus’s current race car, it is a tube frame Porsche 911 targeting the SCCA GT2 class. Gus already had been campaigning his other GT2 Porsche for a couple years when he decided to build a second car for fun.


News from SCCA

Video: How to Build an Air-Powered Shop Broom​

June 11, 2016 — Do you hate sweeping your shop floor? Do you have an air compressor? What if you had an Air-Powered Shop Broom to make that chore a breeze? We present your Saturday Shop Project courtesy of Popular Mechanic.


Ten Best Cars for a First-Time Track Driver​

June 4, 2016 — So you want to get on track? Or maybe you want to autocross? If you’re wondering what cars are the best bet for your money, we’ve got the answers. The guys at Road & Track made a list of the Ten Best Cars for a First-Time Track Driver.

Video: Understanding Understeer vs Oversteer

June 10, 2016 —  Discusses car setup and the differences between understeer and oversteer. The series continues with making adjustments to correct the issues and how to drive around the conditions when mechanical adjustments aren’t possible.


Best Ways to Break into Motorsports on a Budget​

June 8, 2016 — How do I get into racing?  It’s a question many of us have asked, and a question many of us have been asked. Author Jack Baruth put his thoughts on the subject down in a recent Road & Track article.


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2016 Event Schedule

06/25/16: RX 2, Elmerton Lot
08/06/16: RX 3, Elmerton Lot
09/03/16: RX 4, Elmerton Lot

09/11/16: AX 7, Farm Show, AM
09/11/16: AX 8, Farm Show, PM
10/29/16: AX 9, Hershey Park
10/30/16: AX 10, Hershey Park

2016 Meeting Schedule

06/28/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
07/26/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
08/23/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
09/27/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
10/25/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
11/22/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans


2016 Officers

Regional Exec: Steve Limbert
Assistant RE: Kristen Poole
Treasurer: Alan Lesher
Secretary: Ed Womer
Director 3 Yr: Geoff Craig
Director 2 Yr: Charlie Demmy
Director 1 Yr: Markus Houser

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