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Water sanitation regional scope (Africa)

Visualise, analyse and share open aid data

As a valued member of the IATI community, you are invited to play around with IATI Studio. During the ICT4D 2016 conference in Nairobi last week, we launched an early version of IATI Studio.

This Friday we will officially launch IATI Studio in The Hague at the opening of the International Data Hub in cooperation with the Centre for Innovation. If you are interested in joining us in The Hague please let us know, we will add you to the guest list.

IATI Studio will contain 4 core features:
    •    Chart Builder
    •    IATI Publisher
    •    Microsite Builder
    •    Community Feed

This release lets you produce interactive charts based on all the data available from the IATI Registry. Pick any of the available reporting organisations, sectors or countries and start plotting your charts.

Once you are satisfied, you can share your charts to the public or re-use them for your reports. Charts made available to the public are captured into the Community Feed: this feed contains all public charts produced with IATI Studio.

We plan to release the "IATI Publisher" and "Microsite Builder" this summer. We will keep you informed once they are available.