Quick Thoughts on Text Editors

A while back, I wrote about some of the text editors sitting in my dock. While Coda 2.5 is still my go-to, I've actually been using Atom a lot more lately, simply because Coda 2.5 is a disaster with Emmet installed. And it's hard to live without Emmet. 

What are you using?
Things of Interest
Designing for Medical
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Designer/developer/email guru Ted Goas gives us an inside look at designing for the medical field. Interesting points that I've never even thought about. Check it out ≫

The Web's Grain
By Frank Chimero

I love it when designer Frank Chimero takes these deep dives into the theory behind the web and our craft.  Check it out ≫

The Web Ahead
By Jen Simmons

I don't know if I've linked to this before, but The Web Ahead is quickly becoming my favorite podcast. Check it out ≫

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