New Pricing Options for LiveSwitch

Xirsys STUN/TURN Support Has Arrived

If you were carefully watching our IceLink release notes over the past few months you may have noticed that we now support the excellent STUN/TURN service offered by Xirsys.

Although IceLink comes with its own fully-featured STUN and TURN server, there are advantages to letting someone else manage your infrastructure and global server distribution. To facilitate this, IceLink provides a wrapper around the XirSys WebRTC platform that provides cloud-based STUN and TURN servers.

Their service is self-scaling, redundant and supported by expert customer service staff. It's a great option if you don't want to manage your own TURN service!

Learn More at

The Latest on LiveSwitch

To better serve our customers, we've changed 3 things about how LiveSwitch is priced:

  • Initial product licensing fee is fixed at $4,999 USD, regardless of number of users.
  • We added an option for Per Minute pricing.
  • And, we added a free tier!

Per Minute pricing is perfect when you have a large number of users, but not continuously, such as with a broadcasting application.

Concurrent pricing remains a great option for applications where the number of users stays even, such as with a telephony application.

If neither of these pricing models work for you, we're open to custom contracts.

Learn more about LiveSwitch's new pricing options on our website. Questions? Hit reply to this email!

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Growing Our Professional Services Team

This month we've welcomed another developer to our Professional Services team! We recently added a new iRTC service: the Project FastStart!

It's a week-long sprint that pairs one of our Senior Developers with your development team to get your RTC project off to a running start.


Learn More About FastStart

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