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Number 392 19 September 2019



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This month the headlines highlight policy challenges presented by the digital age; and how governments and intergovernmental organisations are responding to them.

At the beginning of September, the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD) released the first edition of its Digital Economy Report 2019, which presents recent trends and discusses key policies for value creation and capture in the digital economy, notably with regards to entrepreneurship, data, trade, competition, taxation, intellectual property and employment. In the same week, the African Union held an important meeting under its Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA), a flagship partnership with the European Commission which seeks to address issues of policy making and regulation in relation to digital transformation across the continent; to ensure the active participation of African decision makers in the global internet governance debate; and provide policy support to leaders in the continent (among other things). Meanwhile, UNESCO has announced a renewed commitment with Japan to cooperate on artificial intelligence and cultural diversity, following a bilateral meeting of the Director-General, Audrey Azoulay and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held in Tokyo at the end of last month. And in Ukraine, the government has created a new Ministry of Digital Transformation, as well as a newly formed Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport which will assume the responsibilities assigned to the former Ministry of Information Policy.

The policy challenges – and opportunities – presented by the digital age are also at the fore of our thinking at the moment as we begin work on our new report Supporting Culture in the Digital Age, which we will develop with external expert author Octavio Kulesz. The report will consider key issues related to technology and digitalisation that affect the sector; show how policy makers around the world address these issues; identify the limits of existing knowledge; and determine opportunities for development. An exclusive extended version of the report will be published for our National Members in early 2020, and we look forward to sharing a public version of the report with you in ACORNS soon after.

As always, if you have news, publications or updates that you would like us to share, please contact us at news@ifacca.org

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New Affiliate Member: Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi

We are very pleased to welcome the Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi as an Affiliate Member of the Federation. The Department conserves and promotes the heritage and culture of Abu Dhabi by protecting the emirate’s archeological and historic sites and developing its museums, including the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Zayed National Museum and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. The Department nurtures a rich cultural environment by supporting the intellectual, artistic and cultural activities of the emirate, and manages its tourism sector.


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National Agency News

The new foundations for culture and integration policy are taking shape

Estonian Ministry of Culture, 9 September 2019, Estonia

The Ministry of Culture will continue to develop a strategy for cultural and integration policy in the autumn months. The content of the documents valid until 2030 until now will be discussed in all counties within a few months, with the first day of discussion on September 10, in Pärnu.

Arts Resource Hub | 6 September 2019 Update

National Arts Council of Singapore, 6 September 2019, Singapore

As freelancers contribute to Singapore’s arts industry in multiple capacities, increasing sector-wide support for freelance arts professionals to do their best work is one of the priorities listed in Our SG Arts Plan. With this in mind, NAC consulted over 370 members of the arts community in 2017 and 2018 to understand the needs of freelancers working in the arts sector.

Culture and Economy agreement signed to promote creative economies with social dimension

Secretaría de Cultura, 4 September 2019, Mexico

In order to establish bases for participation and cooperation for artisans in Mexico, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Economy signed a General Collaboration Agreement to strengthen industries, companies and creative agents in all their fields, linking innovation and tradition.

Creativity Connects Us – Australia Council’s new vision for the arts

Australia Council for the Arts, 30 August 2019, Australia

The Australia Council has today announced its new vision for a creatively connected Australia where creative enterprise is entrenched across society, industry and government as the fuel that ignites our social, cultural and economic success. 

The Arts Council Publishes Three-Year Plan 2020-2022

Arts Council of Ireland - An Chomhairle Ealaíon, 26 August 2019, Ireland

The Arts Council recently published their three-year plan 2020-2022. This new Making Great Art Work three-year plan will continue much of the work started over the last three years, refining it, improving it and further developing it. The Arts Council has already identified a series of new actions building on the work already commenced as well as identifying new areas of focus.

The Signing Of An Agreement Between The Ministry Of Cultural Affairs And The Tunisian Foundation For Copyright And Related Rights On Situational Assistance For Cultural Workers

Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Tunisia, 20 August 2019, Tunisia

Minister of Cultural Affairs Mohamed Zine El Abidine signed on Tuesday 20 August 2019 a framework agreement with the Tunisian Foundation for Copyright and Neighboring Rights in the presence of the Director General of the Foundation Mr. Youssef Ben Ibrahim and the participation of a number of ministry's frameworks.


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International News

Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA) - Continental Meeting on Harmonisation of ICT Policies and Regulations

African Union, 5 September 2019, Ethiopia

A Meeting to discuss ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) harmonisation in Africa, how to monitor and evaluate the progress and way forward to better adapt Africa policy and regulatory environment to the challenges of digital transformation has taken place in Addis Ababa this week.

Japan renews commitment to UNESCO through enhanced cooperation on artificial intelligence and cultural diversity

UNESCO, 4 September 2019, Japan

Prime Minister Abe reiterated Japan’s support to UNESCO and expressed that Japan will actively cooperate with the organization on areas such as education, culture, artificial intelligence, Disaster Risk Reduction and education for sustainable development, in particular as regards Africa’s development.

Ministry of Digital Transformation created in Ukraine

112 UA, 3 September 2019, Ukraine

The newly created authorities are the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

World Spent $8 Billion on New Cultural Institutions in 2018, Report Says

Hyperallergic, 30 August 2019, USA

North America leads in the number of newly completed or announced art museums and other cultural projects, but Asia is catching up with the world’s costliest constructions.

Why the arts need more partnerships with business

ArtsProfessional, 20 August 2019, England

In this blog, I’ll discuss the third proposed outcome in Arts Council England’s (ACE) draft strategy: ‘A creative and cultural country’.  Through setting this goal, our aim is for England’s cultural sector to be “innovative, collaborative and international”.

Discussions begin on revamping Lithuania's culture policy

LRT, 12 August 2019, Lithuania

Discussions on Lithuania's new culture policy started on Monday in the president's office. Representatives of art institutions, communities, and experts were invited by President Gitanas Nausėda to discuss the new Law on Culture Policy Framework drafted by the Culture Ministry.

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The Big Picture: Public Expenditure on Artistic, Cultural and Creative Activity in Australia

Australian Academy of the Humanities, 10 September 2019, Australia

This report establishes a baseline understanding of the quantum and trends in expenditure on culture by all levels of government over the last decade. It presents findings and opportunities based on meaningful comparisons between different years, levels of government and areas of expenditure.

Digital Economy Report 2019

UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade & Development, 4 September 2019, International

The rapid spread of digital technologies is transforming many economic and social activities. While creating many new opportunities, widening digital divides threaten to leave developing countries, and especially least developed countries, further behind.


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International Leadership Program

Australia Council for the Arts, 4 September 2019, Australia

In partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the International Leadership Program invites applicants from nine eligible Indo-Pacific countries to apply for the Arts Leaders or Future Leaders programs.


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What's On

Goteborg Book Fair Seminar Programme

Göteborg Book Fair, 26 September 2019, Sweden

The 2019 Göteborg Book Fair will include the themes: South Korea, Gender Equality and Media and information literacy (MIL). Göteborg Book Fair will take place 26–29 September 2019.

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8th World Summit Report

8th World Summit Discussion Paper

Artists, Displacement and Belonging


Los titulares de este mes destacan los retos que presenta la era digital para las políticas públicas y cómo gobiernos y organizaciones intergubernamentales están respondiendo a ellos.

A principios de septiembre, la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre Comercio y Desarrollo (UNCTAD) publicó la primera edición de su Informe sobre la Economía Digital 2019, que presenta las tendencias recientes en este ámbito y analiza las políticas clave para la creación y captura de valor en la economía digital, especialmente en lo tocante a emprendimiento, información, comercio, competencia, fiscalidad, propiedad intelectual y empleo. En la misma semana, la Unión Africana celebró una importante reunión de la Iniciativa de Políticas y Regulación para África Digital (PRIDA), una colaboración emblemática con la Comisión Europea que, entre otros objetivos, aborda las políticas públicas y legislación relativas a la transformación digital en el continente, busca garantizar la participación activa de los decisores políticos africanos en el debate sobre la gobernanza global de internet y ofrece apoyo en las políticas públicas a los líderes del continente. Mientras tanto, UNESCO ha renovado su compromiso con Japón para colaborar en inteligencia artificial y diversidad cultural, a raíz de una reunión bilateral entre la directora general Audrey Azulay y el primer ministro Shinzo Abe en Tokio a finales del mes pasado. En Ucrania, el gobierno ha creado un nuevo Ministerio de Transformación Digital, así como un nuevo Ministerio de Cultura, Juventud y Deporte que asumirá las responsabilidades anteriormente asignadas al Ministerio de Política de Información.

Los retos y las oportunidades para las políticas públicas que presenta la era digital llaman nuestra atención de forma importante a medida que empezamos a trabajar en nuestro nuevo informe El apoyo a la cultura en la era digital, que desarrollaremos en colaboración con el experto externo Octavio Kulesz. El informe abordará temas claves sobre tecnología y digitalización que afectan al sector; mostrará cómo los responsables de políticas públicas de todo el mundo afrontan estas cuestiones; indicará las limitaciones en el conocimiento actual; señalará oportunidades para desarrollo y recomendará acciones para la Federación y sus miembros. El informe completo exclusivo para nuestros miembros estará disponible a principios de 2020 y esperamos compartir una versión pública con usted en ACORNS poco después.

Como siempre, si tiene noticias, publicaciones o novedades que le gustaría que difundiésemos, por favor póngase en contacto con el Secretariado en news@ifacca.org

Noticias de IFACCA

Nuevo miembro afiliado: Departamento de Cultura y Turismo de Abu Dhabi

Nos alegra enormemente dar la bienvenida al Departamento de Cultura y Turismo de Abu Dhabi como miembro afiliado de la Federación. El Departamento conserva y promueve el patrimonio y la cultura de Abu Dhabi protegiendo los sitios arqueológicos e históricos y desarrollando sus museos, como el Louvre Abu Dhabi, el Museo Nacional de Zayed y el Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. El Departamento mantiene un rico entorno cultural apoyando las actividades culturales, intelectuales y artísticas del emirato, y gestiona su sector turístico.


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El MICSUR Uruguay 2020 reunirá a expertos de industrias creativas de 10 países de la región

La Red21, 17 September 2019, Uruguay

Se reunieron en Montevideo expertos de la región en el área de industrias creativas para coordinar la realización del MICSUR en Uruguay, que tendrá lugar en 2020 y convocará a representantes de mercados artísticos y culturales de 10 países.

China y Panamá expresan en foro voluntad de estrechar cooperación cultural y conocimiento mutuo

Xinhuanet, 13 September 2019, China

Los gobiernos de China y Panamá subrayaron hoy la voluntad de seguir trabajando para avanzar en la cooperación cultural y como un factor clave para ahondar en el conocimiento mutuo en beneficio entre ambos países.

Ministerio de Cultura reafirma compromiso de impulsar políticas públicas a favor de las poblaciones indígenas u originarias

Ministerio de Cultura, Peru, 12 September 2019, Peru

En la VIII sesión extraordinaria del Grupo de Trabajo de Políticas Indígenas (GTPI), el ministro Luis Jaime Castillo aseveró que el respeto se inicia conociendo y reconociendo nuestra diversidad cultural para garantizar los derechos de la ciudadanía.

Colombia avanza hacia un modelo económico basado las ideas creativas

Ministerio de Cultura, Colombia, 10 September 2019, Colombia

La Economía Naranja, una de las grandes apuestas del gobierno del Presidente, Iván Duque, representa hoy para cientos de personas en nuestro país una oportunidad para contribuir desde el sector de las industrias culturales y creativas, a que Colombia crezca desde las ideas. Así lo aseguró el Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, durante la instalación de la Cumbre de Economía Naranja en Medellín.

Paraguay y Argentina cooperarán para protección del patrimonio cultural

Secretaría Nacional de Cultura, Presidencia de la República, Paraguay, 10 September 2019, Paraguay

Integrantes de la Comisión Nacional de Monumentos, Lugares y Bienes Históricos del Ministerio de Cultura de Argentina, visitaron nuestro país y mantuvieron una reunión técnica con funcionarios de la Secretaría Nacional de Cultura, para dar seguimiento al acuerdo con el ministro Rubén Capdevila, en marzo pasado, en Buenos Aires.

Cuba y Pakistán fortalecen relaciones culturales

Ministerio de Cultura, República de Cuba, 6 September 2019, Cuba

El embajador de Cuba en Pakistán, Gabriel Tiel Capote, recibió al director general del Consejo Nacional de las Artes del país surasiático, Jamal Shah, y ambos acordaron impulsar el fortalecimiento de las relaciones culturales.

Informe sobre la Economía Digital (Panorama General)

UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade & Development, 4 September 2019, International

La revolución digital ha transformado nuestras vidas y sociedades con una velocidad y a una escala sin precedentes. Brinda simultáneamente inmensas oportunidades, pero también desafíos de enormes proporciones. Las nuevas tecnologías pueden contribuir de forma significativa a la consecución de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible, pero no es posible dar por descontado que los resultados serán positivos.

Firman convenio Cultura y Economía para impulsar economías creativas con dimensión social

Secretaría de Cultura, 4 September 2019, Mexico

Con el objetivo de establecer bases de participación y cooperación en pro de los artesanos en México, la Secretaría de Cultura y la Secretaría de Economía firmaron un Convenio General de Colaboración para fortalecer las industrias, empresas y agentes creativos en todos sus campos, vinculando innovación y tradición.


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