Curious about retina images?

Over on the Litmus blog, I wrote a guide to understanding what retina images are and how to use them in your HTML email campaigns. 

non retina image yeah yeah

They're surprisingly easy to use but still have a few caveats (mostly for your mobile subscribers). And don't remind me that the graphic above isn't really a retina image. Snagged it from the blog, which has its limitations.

Get crispy

Favorite Emails: May 2016

Check out my favorite emails from the past month, featuring some cool campaigns from Sarah J. Bray, Reverb and howies.

Don't worry, there's a GIF

Why You Should Always Carry a Notebook

A great post from Srinivas Rao on the many, many benefits of regularly carrying and using a notebook. And a pencil. Or a pen. Anything analog for that matter. 

Even a crayon?

Crafting My Home Office

As someone who recently renovated his basement and built a legit office, this post from Ben Brooks rings true. Replace his bedroom with my dark, dingy, unfinished dungeon of a basement and you get the idea.

Be selfish

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Professional Email Design is a handbook for HTML email design, diving into the tools, techniques, and elements behind successful campaigns.

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