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Stunning Articles
What Are Your Users Actually Thinking? [ad]
User feedback is key to creating awesome experiences. Learn how to build an effective user testing plan and get actionable insights.


Designing Highly Functional WordPress Themes
There’s a lot more to think about when it comes to developing beautiful WordPress themes that intentionally focus on both form and function.
Fundamentals of Responsive Images
When we’re talking about making images responsive...


The Free Solution For Handling Creative Files
Your files deserve a safe home. [ad]


React, Inline Functions, and Performance
An inline function is a function that is defined while React...
The Design Side Of Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversions drive the web but most designers don’t...


React.js With WP as a Backend: WP REST API Example
Rest API is a huge step forward for frontend devs...


Designing Responsive Search Forms: Trends for Web Designers
Every modern website should use a responsive layout...
Useful Stuff
15 Essential Packages For Extending Laravel
Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for developing web applications...


Video Tutorials and Resources to Help you Master CSS Grid
CSS Grid Layout is a powerful new tool that allows web designers and developers to...
Mimic CSS
An css animations library because everyone else is...


Bubbly Backgrounds
Beautiful bubbly backgrounds in less than 1 KB.


Logo Crunch
A multi-resolution logo maker, it uses computer vision to...
Strudel JS
Javascript component framework with a twist.


Sticky Sidebar
JS plugin for making smart sticky sidebars.


React Static
A progressive static-site framework for React.
Free Resources
50 High Quality Graphic Design Icons
We prepared a unique set of 50 high-quality graphic design icons that you can use...


Free iPhone Wireframe Kit for Sketch
This Sketch file has been created in order to allow you to create quick mobile wireframes...
Halftone Press PS Kit
An unbelievable variety of exceptional assets...


Indie Camera Actions
An exceptional collection of 30 Photo Shop actions.


Watercolor Clipart
Set of 99 unique handpainted floral and leaf images...
Marvin Visions Font
More modern and consistent reinterpretation of the...


Noway Font
Ideally suited for branding, packaging, editorial...


Gorgeous Font
The typeface comes in 12 free weights and each font...
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