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Welcome to the September 2017 newsletter! This month we are updating you on all the references recently added to speechBITE.

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Latest publications


Griffith J, Dietz A et al (2017). An examination of changes in spoken productions within constraint-induced aphasia therapy.

Haro-Martínez AM, García-Concejero VE et al (2017). Adaptation of melodic intonation therapy to Spanish: a feasibility pilot study.

Wallace SE, Kayode S (2017). Effects of a semantic plus multimodal communication treatment for modality switching in severe aphasia.

Cadório I, Lousada M et al (2017). Generalization and maintenance of treatment gains in primary progressive aphasia (PPA): a systematic review.

Early Intervention

Cologon K, Wicks L et al (2017). Supporting caregivers in developing responsive communication partnerships with their children: Extending a caregiver-led interactive language program.

Kaiser AP, Scherer NJ et al (2017). The Effects of Enhanced Milieu Teaching With Phonological Emphasis on the Speech and Language Skills of Young Children With Cleft Palate: A Pilot Study.

Olszewski A, Soto X et al (2017). Modeling Alphabet Skills as Instructive Feedback Within a Phonological Awareness Intervention.


Kao Y-C, Chen S-H et al (2017). Efficacy of Voice Therapy for Patients With Early Unilateral Adductor Vocal Fold Paralysis.

Mezzedimi C, Livi W et al (2017). Kinesio Taping in Dysphonic Patients.

Hearing Loss

Erbasi E, Hickson L et al (2017). Communication outcomes of children with hearing loss enrolled in programs implementing different educational approaches: A systematic review.

Tye-Murray N, Spehar B et al (2017). Auditory Training for Adults Who Have Hearing Loss: A Comparison of Spaced Versus Massed Practice Schedules.


Allen AA, Schlosser RW et al (2017).The effectiveness of aided augmented input techniques for persons with developmental disabilities: a systematic review.

Finke EH, Davis JM et al (2017). Effects of a Least-to-Most Prompting Procedure on Multisymbol Message Production in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

Biggs EE, Carter EW et al (2017). Efficacy of Peer Support Arrangements to Increase Peer Interaction and AAC Use.


Kim HD, Choi JB et al (2017). Tongue-to-palate resistance training improves tongue strength and oropharyngeal swallowing function in subacute stroke survivors with dysphagia.

Messing BP, Ward EC et al (2017). Prophylactic Swallow Therapy for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer Undergoing Chemoradiotherapy: A Randomized Trial. open access

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Preston JL, Leece MC et al (2017). Variable Practice to Enhance Speech Learning in Ultrasound Biofeedback Treatment for Childhood Apraxia of Speech: A Single Case Experimental Study.

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